October 9, 2019

Empties - September 2019

This is probably going to be short and sweet! Although empties are my favorite kind of post to write and read, I don't think I've used up many products through the month!

Let's just jump right in!

Benefit Cosmetics - Bad Gal Bang! Mascara
I wanted to love this, but it was just so hard to remove at the end of the day! The look of it was just okay. It wasn't bad but I definitely would choose other mascaras over this one.

Benefit Cosmetics - Roller Lash Mascara
I actually really enjoyed this mascara. The fine points of the brush made it super easy to get into all of my lashes and it wasn't too hard to remove. I actually considered repurchasing this but I have so many other mascaras to get through.

Covergirl - The Supersizer Mascara
This started off great when I first opened the package. The wand is so thin which makes getting all your lashes so much easier. But as days went on, it dried out quickly and became difficult to apply. I wouldn't repurchase.

Nuskin - Nutricentials Moisture Restore Intense Moisturizer 
I am actually shocked at how much I liked this moisturizer. I would say its name is a little exaggerated about it being intense though. It is thicker than a lotion but not super creamy as I was expecting. However, it wore amazing under my makeup and felt great all day/night. I've already repurchased!

Vera Wang - Princess Perfume
This is an oldie! Like over 10 years old, old. But it still wore beautifully. Light, and sweet, but not overly so. I'm sad to see it go, but its time! I probably won't repurchase just because I have so many others to get through.

Bath and Body Works - PocketBac Hand Sanitizer in Japanese Cherry Blossom 
This also took a bit of time for me to finish. I actually kept this one at work. I received it as a gift. I'm not a fan of floral scents, which may be why it took me so long to get through it. I love the little PocketBacs, and I have quite a few to get through before I need more.

Bath and Body Works - Foaming Hand Soap in Pink Peach Blossom
You already know how much I love these hand soaps.. do I need to keep repeating this?! Haha. Loved this scent too!

Bath and Body Works - 3 Wick Candle in Pineapple Sunrise 
Again, another repeat love. These candles are great. This didn't have the strongest throw, so I wouldn't repurchase this scent. But I have some others to use up before I repurchase more.

Scentsy - Wax Bar in Luna
Luna is such a beautiful scent. It works well everywhere. I love it in the laundry products too. I may have a back up already, if not, I plan on repurchasing in the future.

Scentsy - Washer Whiffs in Pink Promenade
I like that the washer whiffs come in so many different scents. This isn't the strongest I've used but it is nice. I have another full jar to finish off of this scent. I will repurchase whiffs in the future but not in this scent. And whiffs are comparable to unstoppables.

As you can see I only finished 10 products for the month. Boo! It seems low! I'm hoping October will be a lot better!

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