May 27, 2019

Beautylish - Lucky Bag 2019

If you're a blogger, then I'm sure you have heard the hype around the Beautylish Lucky Bag. Each year, Beautylish releases a "lucky bag" which is essentially a grab box (since it's a box and not a bag) with random best selling products. They promise you will receive a box valued over $150 US, and you pay only $75 US.

I purchased a box in 2016, 2017, and 2018. I was most disappointed in the 2018 box, but I decided to give 2019 a chance.

Lucky Bags are a Japanese New Year custom that inspired us to create our own. The sumo wrestlers, or rikishi, on this year's Lucky Bags are said to bring good luck and fortune. We hope the surprises inside make your 2019 a little more lucky :)

Let's open it up and see what I got!

A total of 6 full size products. That's exciting, and I see some interesting brands!

Viseart - Golden Eyeshadow Palette
Enhance your gaze with matte and shimmer eye shadows inspired by the soft, sumptuous colors of Paris at golden hour. The Golden Hour Eyeshadow Palette features nine pans of velvety, long-lasting eye color in Viseart’s proprietary (and makeup artist-beloved) powder formula.
This palette is beautiful! And it's Viseart! This palette is $49 USD.. the Canadian retail price on the Sephora site is $72... That's almost the cost of the bag itself. Viseart has amazing eye shadows, and these are so pigmented. I can't wait to play around with them some more!

Wayne Goss - Eyeshadow Smudging Brush (#20)
Create detailed eye looks, from cut creases to smoky eyes, with this high-performance precision brush.
This brush is $22 USD. A brush of this type is always welcomed in my collection, and Wayne Goss brushes are such good quality. So happy to get another one of his brushes.

Good Molecules - Wake Up Eye Serum
Brighten, firm, and reduce puffiness around your eyes with this targeted eye serum.
This eye serum is exclusive to Beautylish, it sells for $8 USD. I haven't really used an eye serum in the past, but I will definitely be adding this to my routine at night. I have some puffiness and dark circles that I would like to go away. Fingers crossed this really helps!

Kevyn Aucoin - The Curling Mascara
This curling mascara provides long-lasting lift and hold for an instant eye-opening effect.
This mascara sells for $28 USD. And I have to say, I'm not really impressed. I don't find it gives me much volume or length, it's a very underwhelming mascara. It does smudge a little. I'd be disappointed to spend a lot of money on this.

Jouer - Long Wear Lip Creme in Citronade Rose
Eat and drink to your heart's content - this weightless liquid lipstick offers vibrant color that stays all day.
I'm somewhat new to the Jouer world, and I actually really love their liquid lipstick (a review will come at some point) however, I'm not a fan of the finish of this lipstick. It's a metallic, so I feel it just looks odd on my lips. Like 80's metallic pink lipstick. This sells for $18 USD. I have no problem paying that for a matte liquid lipstick, but I am not a fan of the metallic finish. This was a fail for me.

Hourglass - Veil Mineral Primer
Create a smooth, even canvas for makeup with this weightless, supremely silky primer.
This is the only product I haven't used yet, so I don't want to make any assumptions about it. Like I've said in previous posts, I'm not a big primer person. I don't find it does much for me, but I am willing to give this a shot in the future. This sells for $54 USD.

The total of everything is $179 USD, which is a fantastic value for something that is only $75 USD. I really enjoyed everything in the bag, except for the metallic lipstick. I would reconsider purchasing again next year just because everything seemed to be a step up from last year. Did you get a Beautylish Lucky Bag this year? Which version did you pick up?

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