September 1, 2018

Schwarzkopf Professional - BlondeMe Bonding Hair Care - Glam Sense Campaign

If you have been following my blog for a few months, then you would have seen that I decided to add blonde to my hair. It started off with balayage in December, and then in May I went back and got it touched up. I still wasn't completely happy with it, because it was pulling orange, and I just wanted more blonde added in. In July I decided to try out Marca College (local school for estheticians) and I added a ton more highlights, and wanted to go cooler in the tone. This Glam Sense campaign could not have came at a better time!

I was also lucky enough to receive the range for Cool Blondes, which is what I was aiming to achieve.

BlondeMe - Tone Enhancing Bonding Shampoo for Cool Blondes
Pigmented shampoo with a cool cendré tone direction to support and maintain the in-salon blonde service.

  • Gently cleanses and cares for the most delicate lightened and colored hair
  • Helps to create new bonds within the hair fibers
  • Delivers targeted levels of cool pigments to maintain the fresh cool tone direction for improved blonde clarity
  • Gently neutralizes yellow tones in the hair without changing the hair color
  • Leaves the hair feeling soft and silky
How to use:
  • Apply evenly to wet hair and gently massage
  • Leave in for up to 1 minute
  • Rinse out thoroughly
BlondeMe - Tone Enhancing Boding Mask for Cool Blondes
Lightweight, pigmented treatment with cool cendré tone direction to complete and maintain the in-salon blonde service.

  • Repairs the internal structure of fragile, lightened and colored hair without overburdening
  • Helps to create new bonds within the hair fibers
  • Detangles porous hair, making it easy to comb
  • Delivers cool pigments to maintain, refresh and enrich blonde tone directions
  • Neutralizes any unwanted warm tones in blonde hair
  • Visually brightens highlighted blondes
How to use:
  • Apply evenly onto damp hair
  • Leave in for 5 to 10 minutes and monitor the color effect visually
  • Rinse out thoroughly
Both of these products are purple in colour. When you're using the shampoo, it says to leave it in your hair for about 1 minute. Then rinse. When you apply the hair mask, you can wear it up to 15 minutes. I haven't worn it that long yet, but I can say that using both of these products have extended the "cool" tones in my hair. Usually with a regular shampoo and conditioner, my hair gets brassy quick.

I'm excited to keep using these, and will have to give the mask a longer wear time. But as of now, it's extending my cool tone, which means I won't have to touch up my hair for while. The formulas don't dry out my hair like other blue/purple shampoos do. I'm really enjoying this line!

*These products were sent to me in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own*

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