January 6, 2018

Indulgently Pampered Skin Starts With Palmer's Coconut Oil!

We're now smack dab in the middle of winter, and my dry skin is crying out for more moisture and hydration. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who is having this issue! As soon as I get out of the shower, I make sure to apply a body lotion or body butter. I sometimes even use an oil in place of those, depending on my mood. When I was contacted to try out three new body products from Palmer's, I knew I had to give them a try.

Nature's best kept secret for superior skin hydration is raw, natural Coconut Oil. Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula products drench your skin with decadently rich moisture for dewy, radiant skin, that looks lit from within. I was able to try the Coconut Oil Body Oil, Coconut Oil Body Cream, and Coconut Oil Body Lotion.

All three of these products are free of harsh chemicals, and formulated with ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients, which contain rich, skin-conditioning coconut oil and coconut milk that infuse skin with deeply penetrating moisture and an instant hydration boost. Natural oils and botatical extracts immediately begin rehydrating depleted skin on contact, creating a breathable barrier that locks in moisture for long lasting softness.

Key Ingredients:
Raw Coconut Oil 
Sourced from South East Asia, this super ingredient is antioxidant rich and has inherent antibacterial properties. Loaded with naturally occurring skin health Lauric Acid, Proteins, and Vitamin E. 
Tahitian Monoi
From the ancient Polynesian word for "scented oil" the native star-shaped Tiare flowers are harvested for their delicately perfumed petals and then soaked in refined coconut oil for days.
Sweet Almond Oil 
Collected in small cooperatives in Spain, the almonds are harvested in summer and pressed for their rich oil. Almond oil naturally soothes skin irritation and detoxifies.
Vitamin E
This antioxidant powerhouse combats free radical damage, keeping skin looking youthful and rejuvenated.

As you can see in the above photo, the Coconut Oil Body Cream is a lot thicker than the Coconut Oil Body Lotion, which is expected because a lotion is always less thick. All of these have a coconut oil scent, which is awesome in my books.

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula - Coconut Oil Body Oil
For this being an oil, I find that it does not leave a heavy greasy residue, and actually soaks into the skin quite quickly. It smells like a tropical beach vacation to me, and I love it. I use this all over my body. I've also read online that coconut oil is good for the hair, so after I apply this, I will run my hands through my hair. I've also put some on my scalp for an overnight treatment to get rid of flakes, and my scalp enjoys this as well. It's not marketed for that use, so your miles may vary, but I love this. As I mentioned, it soaks in quickly, and doesn't leave behind a thick oil feeling, which can be very annoying. And my skin feels hydrated. I also love that this comes in a pump bottle. I have other body oils that just have a twist off cap, and I always feel like I make a mess!

The Coconut Oil Body Oil is available at Walmart in a 150mL pump bottle, and the suggested price is $5.99.

Palmer's Oil Coconut Oil Formula - Coconut Body Lotion
This is more liquid than a thick lotion, which some people prefer. It also has that coconut oil scent, which again, I love. I will use this when I don't have much time for the lotion to sit, because this soaks into the skin quickly. Lightweight and moisturizing.

The Coconut Oil Body Lotion is available at Walmart in a 250mL bottle, and the suggested price is $5.99.

Palmer's Oil Coconut Oil Formula - Coconut Body Cream
Now this is my favourite product of all three. It's thick, which I really enjoy in my face and body moisturizing products. It does take a little more time to fully absorb into your skin, but you truly get 24 hours of moisturization. It doesn't leave a sticky oily film either. I really enjoy using this on my elbows, knees, and feet, but I'll use it all over my body (except my face.) This also has the same coconut oil scent, which I'm really enjoying.

The Coconut Oil Body Cream is available at Walmart in a 125g jar, and the suggested price is $7.99.

*PR Samples Provided - All Opinions Are My Own*

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  1. Some people prefer to use coconut oil on face over night as an occasional or once-a-week emollient overnight treatment. If your skin is oily or you have combination skin, you may wish to experiment with using coconut oil as a spot treatment around your eyes or on dry skin patches COCONUT OIL ON FACE OVERNIGHT


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