November 5, 2017

Empties - October 2017

Another month has come and gone, and it's already the end of October. I can't believe we're getting so close to the end of 2017 already, and the winter will be quickly approaching! Some parts of Canada already have snow, yuck! Anyway, it's time to collect the beauty trash, and see what I've used up for the month of October.

I recently purchased a new drawer unit from Ikea, and I was going through all my makeup, skincare, and body products. And I can't believe just how much I have. So I'll be trying to use up more products in the coming months.

The Ordinary - Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA
This is just a moisturizer, at least that's what it felt like to me. Wasn't hydrating enough on it's own, so I would layer it with other products. I wouldn't repurchase just because I don't feel like it did anything for my skin.

Banila Co - Clean It Zero Purity
I love this balm to oil cleanser. It removes makeup quickly, even stubborn mascara. This one is purity for sensitive skin, but I didn't notice a difference between this and the original. I would repurchase this in the future. 

Drunk Elephant - Beste Jelly Cleanser
I wanted to like this cleanser, I even purchased the full size before trying the sample size. I gave the sample size a few tries, and it just dried out my skin so badly. It gave me random red patches of dry skin that would take almost a week to heal/disappear. I ended up passing the full size bottle onto my boyfriend's sister because she has oily skin. She seems to be really enjoying it - so I'd say it's targeted to oily skin and not for normal to dry.

Boscia - Luminizing Black Mask
This was just a peel off mask that was black. I didn't notice it helped with pores, it would just kind of lift dead skin cells. It could only really be used in the nose area, because if you put it on your face, and you have any hair, it hurts. I wouldn't repurchase this.

Shiseido - Benefiance NutriPerfect Night Cream
I enjoyed this night cream. It's more on the heavier side, but I don't mind that in a face cream, for day or night. It is heavily fragranced so if you don't like that, you won't like this moisturizer. I don't think it's available anymore on Sephora's website, so I hope they aren't discontinuing it, like they did with my old holy grail moisturizer that is forever gone. I'd repurchase this, even though it's something like $100. It helped soothe my skin, especially on the days the Drunk Elephant product gave me patches.

Dr. Belmeur - Daily Repair Toner
I got this as my Topbox prive choice in June.  The toner felt somewhat hydrating, but it was very watery. Of course all toners are watery, but some are on the thicker side, and I think I've determined I like those toners more. This was good, I just wouldn't rush out to repurchase it.

Urban Decay - Chill Makeup Setting Spray
I really liked how hydrated my skin felt while using this. It set my makeup, and "cooled and hydrated" my skin. I've already repurchased it.

Eyeko - Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner
This is probably the worst eyeliner I've ever used. It never dried down. I could put it on in the morning (at 6am) and at 5pm it'd still smudge. Pass. Wouldn't repurchase.

Kat Von D - Tattoo Liner
Now, I love this liner. This is probably one of the best liquid liners I've used. I really prefer the brush tip over the felt tip. I find they're not as rough, and don't skip as much on my eyelids. I already have a back up for this!

Givenchy - Noir Couture Mascara
I didn't even get a chance to try this one, it was so dried up.

Urban Decay - Naked Skin Color Correcting Concealer in Green
This is a sample of the green color correcting concealer. I really liked it! I was a little afraid to try it, just because the original skin tone concealer is too drying for my skin, but I didn't have this issue with this green corrector for some reason. I'm planning on purchasing the full size during the VIB sale. 

Essence - Get Big Lashes Volume Boost Mascara
I liked this as an every day mascara. I didn't find that it gave a lot of volume, but enough to notice that I was wearing mascara. I liked this, and it is affordable. I'd repurchase.

Almay - One Coat Mega Volume Mascara
I got this in an influenster campaign, and I don't know what happened to it. But I was using it for about a month, maybe 6 weeks.. and it got SO clumpy. It would just clump all of my lashes together, and by the time I would try and brush it out, I was left with nothing on my lashes. I enjoyed it at first, but I was not a fan of it at the end.

Briogeo - Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro Exfoliating Shampoo
I had never heard of a scalp exfoliating shampoo until KathleenLights brought it up in one of her videos, and around the same time I just so happened to get a sample from Sephora. It smells nice, but I would say that the exfoliation is very minimal. I didn't find that it made a difference, so I'm glad I didn't rush out and purchase a full size from watching her video. I wouldn't repurchase.

Blonde Me - Tone Enhancing Bonding Mask for Cool Blondes
I liked this mask, it made my hair feel soft. Now for toning? It didn't do much. I don't know if its because my hair is so brassy or this just doesn't have enough purple in it, but it didn't really tone my blonde. I'd probably pass on this in the future. As a mask, it was nice, but as a toner, it didn't help.

Acti-Labs - Capill Hair Isoflavone Shampoo and Conditioning Mask
This is from one of those direct sales companies. I've been having a lot of issues with my hair falling out for a couple of month, so I wanted to give this a try. It's supposed to promote hair growth. I can't say it grew hair for me. They weren't very hydrating either. So I'd pass on these in the future - although they were affordable.

Bath and Body Works - Foaming Hand Soap in Frosted Cranberry
I love these foaming hand soaps, and you will see them every month. This time it was frosted cranberry. A perfect scent for fall/winter. It's fruity, it's cranberry. It's great! I've already repurchased this scent, and I have a ton more others to get through.

Scentsy Wax Bar - Vanilla Bean Buttercream
This is a great vanilla scent. It's sweet, but not sickenly so. I really like this scent and will eventually repurchase it.

Secret Deodorant - VaVa Vanilla
These are now my favourite types of deodorants. I used to prefer the solid sticks, but after being in a BzzzAgent campaign, I've preferred using these. You'll see more of these in the future.

Delon - Nail Polish Remover
This is just a cheap nail polish remover from the dollar store. Not the greatest, but it works. I've already repurchased.

I also used up 2 sheet masks, and a one time use clay mask. That brings my total of empties to 23 for the month of October. I also tossed a full size face mask from Freeman Beauty that was getting pretty old. I used up about half of it. I also tossed a moisturizer that just wouldn't agree with my skin. I was hoping to use up more for the month, but hopefully November will be better.

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