September 18, 2017

Topbox - August 2017

Topbox is probably the most affordable subscription service that I have ever subscribed to. It's only $12 a month, which means in Ontario it only comes to $13.56 after taxes. Super affordable. Especially for those who aren't looking to spend too much, while getting to try new brands. They usually only send sample sized products, and a lot of skincare. So if you're looking for mostly makeup, or full size items, I'd recommend Boxycharm instead. Or even Ipsy. There generally isn't a theme of the month either.

Each month we are given the opportunity to wish for a prive box. What that is, is a box featuring a specific brand. First let's take a look at what our prive options were for August.

A lot of these Prive boxes are repeats from the past few months, such as the Dr. Belmeur, Manna Kadar, MaskerAide, Mereadesso, Ofra, and Tarte. So these are starting to get a little repetitive. Let's get a closer look at what our options for the Prives are.

Bobby Brown Prive Topbox - $38 Value
Cover dark circles in one step- this concentrated, highly-pigmented concealer, visibly brightens stubborn under eye darkness and softens hollows and tired lines in an instant.
Includes: Bobby Brown, Instant Full Cover Concealer (6mL x 1)

Dr. Belmeur Prive Topbox - $26 Value
Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair Toner
A mild toner that calms skin and boosts moisture. Daily mild moisturizing solution. Skin-Sync RX containing phytoshpingosine, moroheiya, birch tree sap is used to help form a moisture layer to calm dry skin.
Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair ATO Salt Cream
Mineral salt cream that provides deep moisturization and itch relief for dry skin. Skin-moisturizing and barrier enhancing solution.
Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair Moisturizer
A low-irritant moisturizer that calms sensitive skin and protects skin damaged by the external environment. Daily low-irritant moisturizing solution: Contains phytoshpingosine, moroheiya, birch tree sap and skin-sync rx which helps form a moisture layer to calm dry skin.
Includes: TheFaceShop, Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair Toner (50mL deluxe sample x1), TheFaceShop Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair ATO Salt Cream (20mL deluxe sample x1), TheFaceShop Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair Moisturizer (30mL deluxe sample x1)

Glamglow Prive Topbox - $45 Value
A scientifically advanced clearing treatment to help fight common skin concerns. Designed for men and women.
Includes: Glamglow, Supermud Clearing Treatment (15g deluxe sample x3)

L'Oreal Professional Blondes Prive Topbox - $25 Value
L'Oreal Professional Serie Expert Color Corrector for Blondes. The purple cream corrects and balances out yellow tones so you can maintain the blonde tones you want.
Includes: L'Oreal Professional, Serie Expert Color Corrector for Blondes (150mL x1)

L'Oreal Professional Brunettes Prive Topbox - $25 Value
L'Oreal Professional Serie Expert Vitamino Color CC Cream for Brunettes, a color-correcting formula infused with brown pigments to counteract unwanted red tones.
Includes: L'Oreal Professional, Serie Expert Vitamino Color Corrector for Brunettes (150mL x1)

Manna Kadar Prive Topbox - $24 Value
The vivid cherry blossom pink powder blush creates a beautiful glow to the face.
Includes: Manna Kadar, Paradise Blush (deluxe sample x1)

MaskerAide Spotted! Prive Topbox - $14 Value
Introducing Spotted! anti-blemish clear spot patches to help minimize, detoxify, and calm those pesky pimples.
Includes: MaskerAide, Spotted! Anti-Blemish Clear Spot Patches (2X1 Sheet with 12 clear patches x3)

Mereadesso Prive Topbox - $38 Value
Get all the benefits of a moisturizer with the added benefit of colour and coverage with the Tinted All-in-One Moisturizer. The formula sets on the skin which enables the coverage to be buildable and it doesn't require special tools or techniques to apply evenly.
Includes: Mereadesso, Tinted All-in-One Moisturizer, (7mL deluxe sample x2)

Missha Prive Topbox - $24 Value
Micro cover pigment delivers flawless coverage to create a clean, even complexion.
Includes: Missha, M Magic Cushion No.23 (13mL x1)

OFRA Prive Topbox - $20 Value
Water resistant pencil suitable for the most sensitive eye and lip areas. Created with a synthetic beeswax base for a smooth, soft and long lasting application.
Includes: Ofra Cosmetics, Eyeliner Pencil in Turquoise (.04oz x2)

St. Tropez Prive Topbox - $19 Value
A lotion that delivers a natural-looking, light sun-kissed glow that builds within three minutes, whilst providing long-lasting hydration and softening skin.
Includes: St. Tropez, Gradual tan in shower Lotion (50mL delxue sample x2)

Tarte Prive Topbox - $16 Value
Create smoldering and sultry eyes or doe eyed and awakend eyes with this colour.
Includes: Tarte, skinny smolderEYES eyeliner in Azurite Green (1.20g x1) 

Too Faced Prive Topbox - $23 Value
Get the staying power of a stain and the intense colour of a liquid lipstick in one long-wearing formula.
Includes: Too Faced, Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Chihuahua (5mL deluxe sample x2)

There were a lot to choose from this month, and I was quite tempted in a few of them. However, I knew Bobby Brown and Missha would probably be sent in colours I couldn't wear. I'm not a fan of the Chihuahua colour from Too Faced because it pulls too brown on me. I already have the Dr. Belmeur products (I'm also currently using them) and I just sold some of the GlamGlow samples I have because I'm not using them. I ended up picking the L'Oreal Professional Blondes Prive Box, just because I could use more purple shampoos. This is what I ended up getting...

L'Oreal Professionals - Color Corrector Blondes
Protect your blonde highlights from brassiness with the anti-yellow Vitamino Color A-OX Color Corrector Blondes Cream. Your blonde hair colour is corrected, any yellow highlights are neutralized, leave a pure, cool blonde. Full size is 150mL.

Since I've gone pretty much all blonde, I want all the colour correcting things for my hair. It's so hard to keep it on the cooler side and from going brassy. I'm not sure if its becasue I had old red hair dye in my hair before, with a mix of my hair naturally pulling red/orange when lightened, but this time around, the brass has been insane. Anyway, I thought this was a perfect opportunity to try another brass killer.

I will say this was a little weird at first to me. The instructions say that you are supposed to wash your hair first, then apply this to your hair and let it sit for up to 15 minutes, and then you rinse it out. However, it's like, straight up blue hair dye. If you put this on your blonde hair, you're going to temporarily colour it blue. I figure this is the same idea as what I do with manic panic temporary hair dye in order to usually tone my hair without causing more damage. However, you're supposed to mix that hair dye with hair conditoner, and it works as the same idea, but less likely to temporarily colour your hair, unless you leave it on too long or go too strong with the dye colour.

I mixed this with some hair conditioner and let it sit in my hair for about 5 minutes. It wasn't long enough to cut the brass, so I will just have to try it again and leave it on for a longer amount of time.

Over all, I'm glad I got to try another product that's meant to fight brassy hair, however, I don't think I will reach for it very often unless I have some extra time to relax and sit with it in my hair for a longer period of time.

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