August 30, 2017

August 2017 - Empties!

Another month has come and gone, and it's already the end of August/beginning of September. Where did the summer go?! And the year! I can't believe we're getting so close to the end of 2017 already! Anyway, it's time to collect the beauty trash, and see what I've used up for the month of August!

I need to work on more makeup empties... hopefully working full time now will help me get through some products!

Laneige - Water Sleeping Mask
This is more of a gel texture, but it mixes well with a face oil for extra hydration. This is lightweight but brings so much hydration to the skin. I love this sleep mask, and I'd consider purchasing the full size.

Fresh - Soy Face Cleanser
This is probably one of my most favourite cleansers. It's gentle, but effective. It removes makeup without stripping the skin. It has a slight scent of cucumbers. I've already repurchased a full size!

Dr. Roebuck's - Pure
I used a sample of this previously and kind of liked it. But this time around it would not co-operate with my skin. I couldn't wear it under makeup, and it would pill even with just a serum underneathe. If I didn't use anything underneathe, it would take forever to try and rub into my skin, and would leave a white cast. I didn't like this, and ended up tossing half of the tube. I'm not going to fight with a moisturizer when I have others to use up.

Tatcha - Luminous - Deep Hydration Firming Serum
This serum. I couldn't tell if it actually was doing something for my skin, but it felt nice. I don't think I will repurchase because of the price.

Dr. Belmeur - ATO Salt Cream
I used this mostly as a body cream as it was too thick for the face. I liked that it was unscented so I could use this any time. I probably wouldn't repurchase.

TheFaceShop - Calming Seed Mist Toner
I enjoyed this toner and it lasted forever. It made my skin fill nice and quenched when it needed a little pick me up, whether it was after washing my face, or after applying makeup. It didn't have a scent which was nice as well. I don't think I would repurchase it though, just because I prefer my Lush - Eau Roma Water (mist toner) better.

GUM - Eez Thru Flossers
These are so handy to have, and makes it easier to get in those hard to reach spots. I've already repurchased.

Marc Jacobs - Daisy Perfume
This was just a sample sized perfume. It smelled nice, not something I would regularly reach for. I wouldn't repurchase.

Bath and Body Works - Hand Sanitizer in Nectarine Mint
I love these little hand sanitizers from bath and body works, and I actually keep one hanging off my purse. They are nice to have, and they always smell great. This is the older style of packaging, and I still have a few more to get through. 

Secret - Gel Antiperspirant in Va Va Vanilla
I used to hate gel deodorant, but it's really grown on me in the past year or so. I actually prefer it now over the stick deodorants I was using previously. I've already repurchased.

Acti-Labs - Diamond Lustre Floride Toothpaste
I bought a couple of these in a direct sales swap. This toothpaste is just okay. I haven't noticed any difference in my teeth, except this leaves a gross film in your mouth after brushing, which I hate. I have another tube to get through (why did I have to buy so many!?) but I won't be repurchasing when that one is one.

Living Proof - Restore Mask Treatment
This was a thick hair mask, and didn't have much of a scent. I didn't find that it did much for my hair either. It was nice as a conditioner, but nothing special as a hair treatment/mask. I wouldn't repurchase.

Acti-Labs - Skyscraper Mascara
I think I used this mascara twice, and it got soooo goopy and thick. I tried to make it work once more, and it just won't work anymore. I won't be repurchasing.

Eyeko - Black Magic Mascara
This has been reviewed and in past empties posts. I really like this mascara! It really does bring some "drama" to your lashes, and has a nice curved wand. I have another sample to use up, but I'd consider purchasing a full size in the future, if I ever need to buy mascara anytime soon!

Scentsy Wax Bars
Summer Sunshine - Pineapple and coconut bask in a warm mandarin glow.
This is a nice mix of pineapple and coconut. I have similar smelling scents though so I used it up. I wouldn't repurchase just because I already have similar scents in my collection.

Melon & Apple Granita - Crisp apple and sweet melon surge with sparkling citrus.
This was such a nice scent! The melon was the strongest out of the three. I wish I didn't use this up so quickly! I would repurchase but it's no longer available to order.

Baja Breeze - Enchanting blend of tropical fruits and flowers.
I wish I liked this scent more, as soon as I saw tropical fruits, I thought I would like it. Except, the flower undertone makes it smell somewhat like baby powder. I really dislike that scent, especially in Scentsy form. So this was a pass for me. I wouldn't repurchase

Tingelo - A melange of sweet fruit and tangy citrus; tangelo, lemon, and apricot, enhanced by fragrant lychee berry.
This was somewhat "tangy" citrus - but nothing really stood out to me. While it wasn't a bad scent, it wasn't my favourite, so it was easy to use up. I wouldn't repurchase because I prefer other citrus Scentsy bars.

Sweet Plum Pastry - Black plum and toasted coconut garnish a marshmallow cloud.
Hmmm... I can't say that I detected coconut in this one. I definitely got the black plum, and the sweetness from the marshmallow. But there was definitely a pastry scent to it. This was a nice scent for fall, and hopefully they bring it back, because I'd repurchase it!

Hawaiian Paradise - Buffet of hawaiian fruits: pineapple, banana, mango, papaya and coconut.
If rockets candy (smarties for you americans) were tropical flavoured, that is exactly how I would describe this scent! It's tangy, and sweet, and fruity. I love it! It was only available in just for the bring back my bar promotion. I liked it so much that I purchased another. If it comes back again I will be sure to purchase it again!

Walmart - Wax Cube in Pineapple Strawberry Smoothie
Exactly how it is named. Pineapple, strawberry, and smoothie! It was a nice fruity scent without being too strong, or too light. I was sent this from a friend who lives in the USA and it's not available in Walmart here in Canada, which is a let down. But it smelled great!

Sheet Masks
I love TheFaceShop face masks! I didn't find that the BHA did anything for my skin from the smoothing face mask. The rice mask is always a nice hydrating mask, and obviously I didn't see any results from the wrinkle care mask because you never will with 1 application. Either way, these all felt great on the skin, and I have more in my stash.

I only used up 24 products this month, which is on the lower end for me! Hopefully September will bring more empties!

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