June 12, 2017

UNIK - Black Snail Restore Serum

I'm always on the hunt for great skincare, whether it be a moisturizer, or a serum. Ever since I've learned more about layering skincare items, I've seen an improvement in my skin's texture and just generally how it feels. I prefer moisturizing/hydrating products because I have dry skin - so today's review will be on a moisturizing serum. UNIK - Black Snail Restore Serum to be exact!

UNIK is a newer skincare brand that is made in Korea. The name stands for Unique and Natural Ingredients Knowhow. They want to provide consumers with skincare that is both unique and natural yet highly effective.

The Black Snail Restore Serum claims that is nourishing and lifting, whitening and wrinkle care. It will help to make skin restore and smooth with black snail extract water 70% and 5 black superfoods (black rice, black bean, black sesame, eggplant, sea tangle) extract.

The Unik website says you should apply this serum to the skin before applying toner, however I preferred to use it in my usual serum spot. After washing and toning my face, then using a serum.

The serum itself is clear, and the texture is like a thick water. It has a bit of a gooey stretch to it, like you would imagine snail secretion would have. I didn't find it overly moisturizing, but it did make my skin feel less dry after applying it. And it absorbed into the skin very quickly! The serum itself has no scent either - which is great for anyone with a sensitivity to scented products. I didn't notice a difference in my fine lines on my forehead, but I will continue to keep using this to see if it makes a difference in the long term.

Overall, if you're looking to try a snail serum, this is a good starter. A full size bottle is 50mL which is a very generous size, and sells for $15.98 USD on eBay, and free International shipping. Also, the bottom of the bottle has the expiry date printed on it, so there is no guessing as to how long you've had it open.

*PR samples provided - all opinions are of my own*

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