June 15, 2017

June Brand of The Month: Colourpop [CBB Linkup] Part 2: Lippie Stix

Every month, members of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers vote for a brand and theme of the month. This month, Colourpop was the brand that was chosen. I decided I would split my collection of Colourpop into 3 posts, with a focus on Part 1 being the Super Shock Shadows, Part 2 will be Lippie Stix and Part 3 will be liquid lipsticks. So without going on too much, let's take a look at what Lippie Stix I have in my collection!

Lippie Stix are pretty much just lipsticks with a "cute" name. They come in a wide variety of colours as well as finishes such as matte, satin, creme, matte x, and glossy. They sell for $5 USD and only are about 1g in size.

I don't have a large collection of lippie stix, but with all of my other lip products, I don't really need more! I added the primer (second from left) in this photo, but you will see in my swatch photo, that I didn't include it... because theres no colour to it. Their primer really helps keep your lips moisturized, especially with the liquid lipsticks.

Cami (Matte X) - cool-toned mauve
Fancy (Satin) - neutral mid-tone coral
Bound (Glossy) - light nude pink
Poppin' (Matte X) - vibrant raspberry
Contempo (Matte) - neutral dusty rose
Lumiere (Matte) - dusty mauve pink
Date Mate (Matte X) - vibrant cool-tone fuchsia
Konichiwa (Cream) - mid-tone cool blue pink

I would say that bound and lumiere are my most loved lippie stix. Going through and swatching these made me realize I tend to stick to one type of lip shade! I really need to pull these out and wear them more often! Here is what they look like on me...
Some of these look so similar on my lips! With the lippie stix, you can build them up or sheer them down a little, and I really like that about the formula. I really do need to start reaching for them more often!

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