June 19, 2017

Eyeko London - Black Magic Mascara

I have received this mascara twice now. Once in Birchbox, and another in Topbox. When I got it the second time, I decided I must give this mascara a shot. So I pulled out my original tube, and tried it out.

The tube itself is quite different than your typical mascara tube. This is in a squeeze tube, which I thought was odd for a mascara, but it really makes it no difference to application than any other mascara.

Transform your eyes with the power of Black Magic!
Designed for after-hours seduction, our ultimate mascara combines drama, volume and curl with a carbon black finish to intensify your lashes like no other.
Our curvaceous brush lifts lashes for a 90 degree curl with 12 hour hold whilst remaining conditioned, supple and defined with colour that stays true and really lasts.

The wand on this is thicker, but curved. Which makes it really easy to apply. I was surprised when I first saw it, but as I kept on using it, I really began to love it!

On the left eyelashes, I had applied the black magic mascara, and on the right eye, nothing. I found that this mascara really kept the curl in my lashes, without weighing them down. While also fanning them out. It also has great black pigmentation. This mascara gives volume, curl, and doesn't clump up. I also had no issues with it flaking or giving raccoon eyes.

I will say, this is not fun to remove. It is pretty stubborn. I've used a cleansing oil, and cleansing balm, and it holds on like no other. It also smudges a lot while removing. You definitely need to go in with a makeup remover first before, and maybe again after.

The full size of this mascara is 0.29oz and retails for $26 USD on Eyeko's website. The sample sizes I have received are 0.13oz. Which means that they are almost half the size, and worth over $11 USD. Which is pretty generous! I really liked this mascara!


  1. I love this mascara too! I love the way it makes my lashes look and it's the perfect wand for my eye shape.

    1. I was so hesitant to try it out, and now it's easily one of my favourite mascaras!


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