February 8, 2017

Valentine's Day Look - CBB Theme of the Month!

I'm a part of the Canadian Beauty Blogger network, on Facebook and through their directory. We're just a bunch of beauty bloggers who all live in Canada and get to share our blogs with one another. Each month we vote on a theme of the month, and brand of the month. For February, the theme chosen was Red, Pink and White. Seeing how Valentine's Day also falls in February, I decided to create a valentines look using mostly Pink and White colours.

Pictured above is what I used to create this look:

It's super simple, and since I never reach for pinks when I do my eyeshadow... I thought this was the perfect opportunity to do so! I like how it turned out! It's got the right amount of pink to not make me look sickly, and it was easy to do! I can see myself recreating this look. Here's what I used:

Bliss - Fabulous Drench n Quench Cream to Water Lock in Moisturizer (not pictured)
CoverFX - Illuminating Primer Base
CoverGirl Clean - Sensitive Skin Foundation in Ivory
Nars - Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly
Laura Mercier - Loose Setting Powder in Translucent
Nars - Blush in Goulue (VIB Rouge Gift)
Benefit - Gimme Brow 03
Essence - I Love Extreme Volume Mascara
Too Faced - Sweet Peach Palette
Too Faced - Chocolate Bar Palette
NYX Butter Gloss - Eclair BLG02

I went back and added stars to the colours in the palettes that I used. The next picture will be of my eye look, and I will explain better in detail what I used, and where! I mostly used the Chocolate Bar palette to create this look, but you can use anything with pink, brown, and white shadows.

1. I used White Chocolate (blue star) from the Chocolate Bar palette all over the eye. Starting from my eye lid, all the way to my brows

2. Taking Strawberry Bon Bon (red star) from the Chocolate Bar palette, I placed it in my crease and blended it slightly just above my crease as well

3. Then I used Just Peachy (yellow star) from the Sweet Peach palette, just to make the crease look a little more pink. The Strawberry Bon Bon wasn't as pink as I would have liked.. but that's okay, that's why we added just peachy!

4. Then, I placed Champagne Truffle (green star) from the Chocolate Bar palette, all over my lid, and under my brow. I also used this to highlight my face!

5. I took just a little bit of Cherry Cordial (purple star) from the Chocolate Bar palette, and used it as the outer v colour. I should have blended it in a little better though

6. And to complete the look, I used Triple Fudge (orange star) as my liner. I wanted something a little softer than the usual black liquid liner I use. I felt using a brown eyeshadow would keep the look a little softer.

Like I mentoned above, I ended up really liking how this look turned out! Soft, and pink... perfect for Valentine's Day! You could also darken the lower lash line, and a little more in the outer v for a night time look! I decided to pair it with the NYX Butter Gloss because it was more natural looking, I wanted the eyes to be the main focus!

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