February 21, 2017

Lush - BOGO Haul!

Lush sort of kept their BOGO/50% off sale quiet this year. When boxing day arrived (December 26th) they posted they had their BOGO sale on, and another for 50% off certain products. I checked all day and anything I was slightly interested in, was sold out. I checked the page for a few days to see if they would do a restock, and eventually I gave up. I really wanted the Peeping Santa bubble bar again, and it just wasn't showing up. I decided I didn't really need anything and stopped looking. Until someone posted on Instagram on January 4th that a restock happened and there was a ton of products available again. And sure enough, there was! I managed to make a small-ish order.

I tried to keep it small, but this will probably all last me a year. I still have a bar humbug from last year, and I just finished a candy mountain. I won't need anything for awhile! I was hoping on purchasing another eau roma toner water, but decided to hold off until I finish some other toners that I have in my collection. At the time of this post, these are sold out. Unfortunately.

Peeping Santa - Bubble Bars
I purchased this originally back in November 2015 and I loved it! It smells like strawberries, the little eyes are chocolate chips! When I first used it though, I threw the whole thing into the tub. I didn't have much experience with bath bombs or bubble bars, so I wasn't entirely sure. But, I've learned that you should break them up so you can get maximum baths out of one bubble bar. I was so sad I used this all up at once, and now that I know I can break them up, I will definitely be doing that with these! I love the smell of them, and I'm so happy I was able to purchase a couple!

Candy Mountain - Bubble Bars
I just finished one of these up in December, and I knew I wanted more. These smell exactly like Snow Fairy - so if you love that scent, you'd love these! They also can be broken up into a few baths. I think I got 4 baths out of 1 bar previously. I reviewed these back in January 2016. I loved them then, and I still love them now! The scent lingers on your skin, and they make great bubbles.

Snow Fairy - Body Conditioner
I think this scent for the body conditioner was new for this year. If it wasn't, then I apologize! I have never tried a body conditioner before, but as soon as I heard about it, I knew I wanted to try it. A friend was actually the first one who told me about it, and when it popped up during the BOGO sale, I grabbed it. It smells exactly like Snow Fairy. It's a thick body cream, BUT you use it in the shower! You apply it while in the shower, let it sit on your skin for a few minutes, and then rinse it off. I've never tried a body lotion this way, so it kind of freaked me out, and I don't think I let it sit as long as I should have... but it left my skin nice and hydrated. It first felt too oily, but as I dried off, the oily-ness went away. I can't wait to use this again!

Rose Jam and Snow Fairy - Shower Gel
Lord of Misrule - Shower Cream
I just realized now that the Lord of Misrule is a shower cream, and not a shower gel. Oops. I'm sure they work almost the same anyway.
Rose Jam and Lord of Misrule are very popular scents that I always see being talked about. I've never tried either one of them before, so this was kind of ordered blindly. Rose Jam smells exactly like roses. It's not too strong. Lord of Misrule is a scent I would never pick for myself - it's black pepper and patchouli. And to be honest, I don't really like it. But I will use it up or give it to one of the men in my house. We all know what Snow Fairy smells like at this point (bubble gum, vanilla) and I picked up a second bottle because my first one is almost used up.

Santasaurus and Jester - Reusable Bubble Bars
Santasaurus - Even dinosaurs get caught up in the festive spirit, but don't ask us how this T. rex managed to get that Santa hat on its head with those tiny arms: we don't know either! Scented with our scrumptiously sweet Honey I Washed The Kids perfume, this reusable bubble bar is sure to keep you smiling from the very first time you swish it around.
Jester - You're the king or queen of your bathroom, and this Christmas you can hold court with a Jester of your very own. Our holly jolly joker is packed full of zesty tangerine and Sicilian mandarin oils to perk you up in the middle of those darker months. You can use your jingly Jester to have a few baths, so get used to seeing that cherubic face by the tub.

I have never tried either one of these reusable bubble bars before, but I'm thinking Santasaurus will kind of smell like Golden Wonder - but I could be completely wrong. Jester sounds like it is going to smell nice and fruity, like oranges. I'm excited to try both of them! I really love the reusable bars because you really do get a ton of uses out of them!

I didn't end up picking up any bath bombs, just because I feel you get a better deal with the bubble bars. Many of them can be broken into smaller pieces, and still make the tub bubbly. And they are around the same price. Bath bombs are beautiful, but I feel to get a good experience with them, you have to keep them whole. Where as the bubble bars can give you multiple baths. 

Were you able to pick anything up during the BOGO free/50% off Lush sale? Let me know what you picked up!

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