February 3, 2017

Five on Friday - February 3, 2017

And we're back with another Five on Friday!

~ O N E ~

Can you guys believe it's already February?!

Do you guys do anything for Valentine's Day? Or celebrate it? We don't really do much for Valentine's Day because our anniversary is February 18th, so we kind of combine them. This year will be our 7th year anniversary. I can't believe how fast the time has gone, it feels like we just met not too long ago. Also in February, we get a long weekend. This year it falls on February 20th and is called Family Day in Ontario. So our long weekend will be packed with anniversary plans and my best friend's sisters baby shower. I'm looking forward to it all!

~ T W O ~
Dieting. Ah. I hate the word. But I've reached a point in my life where I feel I need to lose some weight to be more comfortable. Not just with myself, but my clothes are starting to get a bit too snug. A few years ago we changed our way of eating and focused on a low-carb meal plan. I lost 50 pounds then, and I was happy. However, over the years we let ourselves eat not so healthy, and that weight crept back up. I'm not into yo-yo dieting, but we are going to start getting back into the low-carb meals, and start keeping an eye on what we are really eating. I will probably keep a monthly update or so, just to keep track of how I'm doing. I really need it, and it's always easier when you're not having to do it alone.

~ T H R E E ~
Have any of you heard of the Moonreader app? I'm not sure if it is available on the iPhone, but I just downloaded it not to long ago on my Android. It's basically just a book reader app. I love paper books but I find I'm just not reading as much as I should be, so this encourages that. I've already finished reading books from Kailyn Lowry and Amber Portwood from the Teen Mom series. Those were easy reads. I just started reading one called All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda. It's about the disappearance of two young women, a decade apart, told in reverse. I'm not too far into the story yet, but it's been really good so far. What I love about the app though is that they have a few databases where you can download the books for free - which is great for anyone who is on a budget and can't really afford to be buying books all of the time. I need to look through and see if they have added anything new!

~ F O U R ~
I've really enjoyed being in a Canadian beauty group for buying, selling, and trading cosmetics from subscription boxes. Since I received a Jeffree Star liquid lipstick in my Lucky Bag 2017 and didn't like the colour, I was able to swap with someone in the group for a shade that flatters my skin tone a little better. This makes me happy because with the previous shade, I wasn't going to be able to wear it. Now that item hasn't become a waste. I've also been able to receive a sample of the Too Faced Hangover Primer, Hanalei Lip Treatment, and some other items as well. I really like being able to sell some of the items I've received in subscription boxes that I wouldn't use, so I know they will get some use in the future, and won't go to waste in my household.

~ F I V E ~
I know I just posted about Scentsy in my last Five on Friday post, but they always have something exciting going on for each month. February is transition month, where they are having a sale on almost everything to make way for the new Spring and Summer products. Right now almost all items are 10% off... It's pretty much everything except charity and licensed products. Also included are the diffusers. And they are offering a bundle deal that has never been offered before. Purchase any diffuser, get 10% off AND Scentsy will let you choose 3 natural oils to go along with it, at no added cost. The scents they are allowing you to choose from are:
Eucalyptus Lavender Mint - Soak in a fragrant whirlpool of relaxing lavender flower, uplifting mint, energizing eucalyptus and encouraging nutmeg.
Jasmine White Tea - Long revered for its romantic leanings, jasmine sets a sensual mood while lemongrass, mandarin and bergamot softly brighten the edges.
Lavender Orange Blossom - Stroll through a fragrant citrus grove, reveling in a chorus of ripe tangerine, orange blossom and soft sprigs of lavender.
Lemongrass Cucumber Lime - Drift easy beneath a refreshing veil of brisk lemongrass, cool cucumber and zesty lime.
Orange Strawberry Melon - Radiant notes of fresh orange, melon and strawberry bubble and bounce across this invigorating, tropically inspired fragrance.
Pear Lime Spice - Green pear, lime and bay leaf spiced with cinnamon.
Pecan Sugarcane Vanilla - Sumptuous layers of sugared pecans, cinnamon and vanilla.
Rose Chamomile Lavender - Escape to a romantic garden path with billowing chamomile, spikes of lavender and lush, feminine rose notes long trusted for their soothing effects.
Vanilla Cinnamon Clove - Settle into the welcoming warmth of vanilla perfumed by aromatic cinnamon and spicy clove in this nurturing natural scent.
Vanilla Nutmeg Cardamom - Satisfy your craving for warmth and comfort with this blend of sweet vanilla spiced with enlivening nutmeg and cardamom.

I'm so tempted to order one for myself! There are some great sounding oils in there.. orange strawberry melon, vanilla nutmeg cardamom, vanilla cinnamon clove, and pecan sugarcane vanilla are calling my name! Please remember, if you do decide to purchase Scentsy, I'd appreciate it if you used my link! and you can shop from Canada or the USA (you just have to change the location to USA if that's where you're shopping from - since it's automatically set as Canada because that's where I'm living) This is my only source of income at the moment, so anything is really appreciated!

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