February 17, 2017

Boxycharm - February 2017

I had originally signed up for Boxycharm as a 3 months subscription to see if I would like it. I received my first box in December. January. And now February. As far as I know, my subscription will renew in March for another 3 months. Which is fine by me, because Boxycharm sends some awesome products! So let's just get right in and see what I got for my February box!


 First, the theme of the month is "Would You Be My Galentine?"

There were a lot of exciting products shown in the sneak peeks... so let's see what I received this month!

Everything is full size!

Dr. Brandt - Microdermabrasion - Age Defying Exfoliator - $79 
The original skin exfoliating procedure. #BoxyTip: Dampen skin with warm water. Slowly and gently massage cream onto skin for 1-2 minutes avoiding the eye area. Rinse well, pat dry. Best if used 1-2 times per week allowing 3 days between applications. 

I've tried a sample of this in the past, and I liked it. The granules are very small but gritty, so they definitely exfoliate really well. I probably wouldn't use this twice a week, just because I try not to exfoliate that much, but this will be added into my routine. I'll probably alternate between this and my clairsonic, just to be sure I'm not over-exfoliating my skin. And $79! Wow.. that's worth more than the box alone!

Makeup Geek - 2 Eyeshadow Pans in Cherry Cola and Prom Night - $12 ($6 each)
A highly-pigmented, high-end shadow for half the price without sacrificing quality. This Makeup Geek eyeshadow can be used alone or placed in a Z Palette to build your own custom palette. These buttery, smooth shadows are cruelty-free!

I've never tried Makeup Geek shadows before! I was honestly surprised how they swatched!
Cherry Cola (L) is a deep brown with strong red undertones and a matte finish.
Prom Night (L) is a pale purple with hints of gray and a shimmery finish.

That was just barely rubbing my finger on the pan, and one quick swipe. I love the Prom Night colour and can see myself using it often. And $6 each? That's pretty much Colourpop prices - and I like that these can be put into a zpalette.. taking up much less space than Colourpop singles. I'll have to purchase some more in the future!

Small Z-Palette - $14
Completely customizable, this small z-palette, made exclusively for Boxycharm, features an open-faced, magnetic base that allows you to easily switch out shades and products as often as you like! This pint-size Z Palette will fit just about anywhere and fits up to 9 standard-size round pans. 

I just received a small pink z-palette in my Lucky Bag. Which means I really don't need this. I still have my large z-palette which I barely use. So two small ones just seem like a waste to me. I love that it has the little heart on it, cause it's super cute, but I'm going to try and pass this on or sell it - just because I don't need it.

Royal and Langnickel - Omnia Eye Kit - $29.98
Omnia Gold and Rose Gold brushes were developed with the natural hair purist in mind and features meticulously selected natural hair of the finest quality for impeccable performance. This luxurious hair allows the artist to precisely deposit powder to specific areas of the face, and allows for perfect absorbency and release for every application whether powder, liquid, or cream product.

Well, that's just a description that's over the top! These better perform amazingly haha. They feel pretty light weight. I can't wait to try them when I apply some makeup soon.

Juice Beauty - The Reflecting Gloss in Fig - $15
Shimmer your lips in brilliant colour with this reflecting gloss that contains a blend of organic antioxidant-rich acai and goji berries, minerals and sweet agave for the most brilliant shine on Earth.

Looking at this - I know immediately the colour isn't for me. So I did a little swatch..

It's a little orangey, brownish, pinkish. I dunno, I'm not a huge fan. And I know I won't wear it. So I'm going to pass this on.

Overall, I really like how they sent the Makeup Geek shadows, and then a z-palette to put them in, along with some new brushes to try them out with. That was well thought out. I think getting a full size Dr. Brandt product was very generous. The gloss is kind of just meh with me... but I can see that you could wear the shade any day at any time if it were to work for you. The value of this bag ended up being $149.98 which is awesome. I will be passing on the z-palette and gloss if someone is interested in it. But I'm so excited to finally try some MUG shadows!

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