January 31, 2017

January 2017 - Empties!

Another month done, means another set of empties! These are my favourite type of post! I have a lot this month, so let's just get right into it!

Again this month, I used up a lot of skincare products, which is fine with me because I have so much of it!

Scentsy - Wax Bars
Berry Bubble Blue - A delicious blast of blue raspberry, tart green apple, and spun sugar.
I really liked this one. It kind of reminded me of a blue raspberry slush. It was more on the lighter side, but it was sweet and fruity. This one is currently discontinued, but I'd definitely repurchase it, if it became available again.

Cotton Candy Cookie - It's a trip to the county fair. Little hands clutching cotton candy and cookies while gooey treats topped with sugared raspberry beg to be tasted.
I liked the scent of this one, it was more cotton candy smelling then either sugared raspberries, or cookies. However, the scent didn't last very long. So I wouldn't repurchase this scent (which is also discontinued).

Whipped Vanilla Pear - A luxuriant caramel glaze tops baked pear and whipped vanilla. 
It amazes me how close sometimes that Scentsy can get to a scent description. This was mostly pear scented, with a creamy "whipped" vanilla smell, with the slightest sweet caramel. Usually I'm not a fan of caramel scents, but this one wasn't strong in the caramel department. It was nice, and sweet. If you like bakery types of scents, you would like this. 

Linger - Pink grapefruit, sugared apple, lavish praline and flirty marshmallow.
Based on the description, I thought I would really like this. But I find it has a strong "perfume" fragrance. I can't pinpoint out of those items which would make it smell that way. This isn't my favourite scent, but it wasn't terrible. This has been discontinued and I wouldn't repurchase it in the future, just because I prefer fruity scents over those that are "perfumed."

Sparkling Black Plum - Toast to Tarocco orange, black plum, and blueberry champagne.
Ah, this definitely has a dark plum scent to it. Light on the orange, very light on the blueberry. But the plum is deep and perfect for a fall fruity scent. I really liked this and would consider repurchasing in the future, and I would even use it in the spring/summer.  However this will be discontinued as of March 1st, so I will need to grab another during the 10% off sale in February!

Bath and Body Works - Foaming Hand Soap in Snow Kissed Citrus
Sugary winter lemons glisten in the first snowfall.
This wasn't as citrusy as I thought, based on the name and description. But it gets the job done. I like this foaming hand soaps, they are gentle on your skin and doesn't dry my hands out. I've already repurchased these in a few different scents, so you will probably see them in every monthly empties post. 

TheFaceShop - Rice Ceramide - Moisture Toner
I love this toner! It's a little more on the thicker side, compared to your traditional toners. But it's so gentle on the skin, and very moisturizing! This has lasted me quite awhile... you can see my original post on this here. A little goes a long way, and I've already repurchased this. 

TheFaceShop - Rice Ceramide - Moisture Emulsion
This emulsion is a little runnier compared to other emulsions I have tried, but again, I found it very moisturizing. I purchased these back in September 2015 and just finished them now. That's using it everyday! These are very affordable, and a great way to start incorporating Korean skincare into your routine. It's gentle, and effective. I've already repurchased this. 

Bliss - Triple Oxygen - Radiant Protection Energizing Serum
It's so hard to determine if a sample size product is doing much for your skin, if you don't see instant results. This was one of those products. It did last probably close to two months, but I really didn't see any differences in my skin while I was using this. I got this in a prive Topbox, where all the products were Bliss skincare products. I wouldn't repurchase. 

Lush - Eau Roma Water - Toner Water
I LOVE THIS STUFF! This is the second bottle I've finished, although the first one was a smaller one like the tea tree bottle in this picture. I'm not a huge fan of the rose scent, but it disappears within a few minutes. This hydrates my skin, and just feels nice. I haven't repurchased another yet, just because I have a couple of other toners I want to work through, but I will be repurchasing this for sure in the future. The larger size bottle lasted me close to a year!

Lush - Tea Tree Water - Toner Water
I was afraid if I used this too often, it would dry out my skin, because of the tea tree, but I can say that it never did that to my skin. I mostly used this when I would have break outs. This wasn't as fragranced as the Eau Roma Water, but it also didn't linger long. I liked this, and I would probably repurchase a smaller sized bottle again. 

Philosophy - Purity Facial Cleansing Cloths
I can't say that I liked these very much. I found them to be a little too rough on my skin, and often left my face feeling sore. Even if I didn't put much pressure into them. These ended up being finished because I started to use them when I would do swatches. I like that it has the plastic closure instead of just a sticker, but I wouldn't repurchase these. I actually got them as a $10 add on from Topbox awhile ago. 

Mario Badescu - Bee Pollen Night Cream
I got this night cream awhile ago. I liked it, but then I ended up putting it away in my skincare drawer, and not touching it because it was on the pricey side. I would go through inexpensive moisturizers, and this would just sit there, in hiding. When I decided to create the excel chart, to keep track of what I had, I decided I needed to pull this out and actually use it. This cream is definitely on the greasy side. It's very thick. But, it's great for using over night, especially in the winter. My skin loved it, however, I hated how fragrant it was. Every night I put it on, my boyfriend would tell me it stinks. It's VERY floral. It didn't irritate my skin, but by the time I finished this pot off, I hated the scent even more. I wouldn't repurchase this unless they created an unfragranced version. 

Belif - The True Cream - Moisturizing Bomb
I got this as a sample from the Sephora Favourites - Quench Your Skin value gift set from the beginning of 2016. To be honest, I forgot I even had this, until again, I went through my drawer. I had already purchased a full size version, and I'm glad I did. This moisturizer is light, but very moisturizing. Much different than the thicker creams I usually prefer. I'm working on another moisturizer at the moment, but I definitely can't wait to finish it so I can move onto the full size version of this!

Innisfree - Wine Jelly Sleeping Pack
I disliked this. A lot. It actually really smelled like wine. It was very very jelly in texture. So much so that when you dipped into it, it would form back looking as if it was untouched. I ended up tossing this before it was finished, just because I hated the texture, the smell, and it just did nothing for my skin. When I did use it, I usually got a break out, and that just isn't worth it for me. I wouldn't repurchase this. I prefer thicker sleeping packs. 

Nude - Progenius Rescue Oil
This also came in the Sephora Favourites - Quench Your Skin value set from last year. And I have to say, I'm surprised I finally finished a bottle of oil! I don't have too much experience with oils, as I just started recently getting more into them, but what I can say, is compared to the jojoba oil I tried, and Tarte - Maracuja Oil, this Nude Progenius Rescue Oil is more on the thicker side. I generally only used this as night, but it did mix well with foundations. I have another sample of this, so I will definitely use it again. I don't think I would repurchase a full size bottle though, just because I'm preferring the thinner consistency of the Tarte Maracuja Oil more. 

Acure - Sensitive Facial Cleanser
This was a weird whipped texture. I was hoping it would be good for my skin, just because it says its sensitive. And although it was unscented, I found that it just made my skin feel dry. It wasn't an amazing cleanser, and it didn't foam too much, but my skin felt like it was so thirsty after using it. I wouldn't repurchase this in the future.

L'Oreal - Voluminous Feline Mascara
This mascara was alright. It did a good job at lengthening my lashes, but not too much on the volume side. Overall, I wouldn't repurchase this just because I like other mascaras better than this one. 

Jesse's Girl - Liquid Eyeliner
I really like this eyeliner. I originally got it in an Ipsy bag, quite some time ago. And then repurchased a 2 pack. These usually last me anywhere between 3 and 6 months. I like the applicator, the black is vivid. Once they begin to dry out though, they aren't as pigmented as they are when they are brand new. I have some other liners to try out before I repurchase another, but I would probably buy these again in the future. 

Tarte - Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara 
I actually received this in a swap. I'm not sure if the original owner opened this, and didn't tell me, but it was pretty dried out. The packaging is stupid, it pulls out instead of twists. I tried it once, and it was just too dry, and crumbly. I'm not a fan of the style of wand either, so I won't be repurchasing.

Noyah - Vanilla Lip Balm
This is just your typical lip balm. It was smooth, and kept my lips from being dry. I wouldn't repurchase just because it's an average lip balm, and I believe I have a second one of these anyway. Plus, a million others that are similar.

The Balm - Mad Lash - Black Mascara
This stuff stank. I tried it once, and it made my eyes burn/water. Apparently this was a common complaint. I decided to toss it because it's not good for your eyes. Another stupid package. It doesn't really twist in and out like other mascaras do, the wand just gets pulled out.  

Ion - Color Solutions - Intense Moisture Conditioner and Repair Solutions - Effective Care Treatment
I got these masks I think for $2 each at Sally's Beauty Supply. I needed to get toner for my hair and thought with all the processing it's had lately, I need to step the hair mask game up. Both of these were just meh. I was able to use both of them twice, which I guess for the price, isn't too bad. I just didn't find them to be too conditioning. Between the two, the repair solutions was a little better, but I wouldn't repurchase either of them.

Wella - Color Charm Toner in T14
Trying to do balayage to my hair, meant I had to bleach it. Unfortunately, we had to bleach it twice. And to me, it still looked too orange. I ended up going to Sally's just before Christmas and got this T14 toner which is supposed to be a pale ash blonde - so it would pull the orange tones out of my hair. I've used it twice, and while it does cut down on the orange, I'm not at the level of blonde I would like. So, I think I'm going to have to make another appointment with the hair dresser. I would repurchase the toner again if I had to.

Variety of Sheet Masks
I used up 10 masks in my collection. I'm not going to go too into detail about them... but as I've posted before, I love the Real Nature Face Masks from TheFaceShop, this month I used Pomegranate, Rice and Aloe. I already have more in my collection. I really enjoyed the Rose face mask from Sephora, I just wish they were a little cheaper in price! The Anti-Wrinkle Eye Mask and Patchology Eye Patches did nothing for my eyes. They feel nice when they are on though. The BeBe Lip Mask made my lips look plumped for a little but I can't see myself repurchasing or using them again. The Fox mask stung a little. I was pleasantly surprised with the foot mask! They were these plastic booties with cream on the inside. You wear them for about half an hour, and your feet soak up most of the cream. My feet felt wonderful after, and I was so scared to try it! I will be definitely purchasing more of them whenever I need to make an order at TheFaceShop! And last but not least, the MasCream Anti-Aging Mask. There was so much essence on this mask, and it was more of a cream then liquid. It made my skin look and feel great, my skin was so hydrated. There was so much cream essence left over in the packaging, that for almost a week, I dipped a foundation brush in, and used it as an essence. I loved this! I will definitely buy more in the future as well. Great for people with dry skin!

So this month, I used up a total of 35 products! Yay! This makes me happy. I like knowing that I am finishing products, even though I have way too many. I'd like to get to a place where I have found holy grail products, and that I don't have things just sitting in the dark. 

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