December 12, 2016

L'Oreal - Revitalift - Bright Reveal Influenster Box

Back in September I was sent this L'Oreal Revitalift Bright Reveal box from Influenster.

Included in this box, were multiple skincare items. These were to be used hand in hand with one another, giving us brighter, smoother, more even skin, in just 1 week.

What I love about programs like Influenster and ChickAdvisor, is that they send you full size items. This really gives you the experience of using the products for a longer period of time, then you would with something that is just sample sized, or even in a foil packet. I will say I haven't consistently used these products as much as I should still, but I did use them long enough where I can provide my opinion about them.

Brightening Scrub Cleanser
This is the first step in this routine. It will gently exfoliate dull skin, which will visibly reveal radiant skin.
To me this is just your typical drug store facial scrub, but with just the added bonus of glycolic acid. It's not good to constantly use a scrub on your skin, so I limited this to about twice a week. Since there is glycolic acid in there as well, that is also a chemical exfoliant. So don't over do it.. I liked the citrusy scent that it had, and since it wasn't too gritty, I didn't find that it dried out my skin. Again, I would only recommend using this once to twice a week.

Brightening Peel Pads
These resurface uneven skin, immediately brightens, and reduces wrinkles. Contains 10% Glycolic Complex.
I really liked these pre-soaked brightening pads. They weren't overly saturated with the solution, and they weren't dried out either. They had a little bit of a design on them so it would exfoliate the skin, and since there is also glycolic acid in these, they would exfoliate the skin through the chemical as well. I did notice my skin was a lot softer, smooth, and somewhat brighter after using these. I wouldn't recommend using them daily either, at least not on sensitive skin. I found my skin was a little red at first, but then would calm down. And avoid the eye area. I made the mistake once of getting too close to my under eye, and had to pay the price with a dry, red patch, for a few days until it went away.

Brightening Daily Lotion
This is your day time lotion. It is supposed to brighten skin, even tone, and reduce the look of wrinkles. I was not a fan of this daily lotion. It contains SPF 30, which is nice because then you don't need to add the extra layer of sunscreen yourself, but I just found that it never fully absorbed into my skin. It made me look really greasy, and although it says you can apply makeup over top of this, it always pilled for me. This was my least favourite item in this box. 

Brightening Dual Overnight Moisturizer
This overnight moisturizer is a duo of serum and moisturizer. It also contains 4% glycolic acid, which means it will chemically exfoliate your skin as you wear it. I liked the packaging because it means that you need to have one less bottle laying around, especially if you use both a serum and moisturizer at night. I dislike the fact though that you can't see how much product you have left inside. On its own, I didn't find it hydrating enough for my skin, but since I do like to layer products in my routine, it seemed okay once I applied other hydrating products. I wouldn't repurchase this though once it runs out.

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