November 8, 2016

Eden's Semilla - Jojoba Oil [Review]

I received this Eden's Semilla Jojoba Oil about 2 months ago, and I really wanted to give it a good try before I posted my review.

Eden's Semilla is a fairly new (originally founded in the U.S in August 2015) online business that sells oils and serums to a worldwide market. The name is Spanish and means Eden's Seed and was chosen because originally a large part of the U.S market was Spanish and their original product was Rosehip Oil which was sourced from Latin America. Since then they have expanded, opening new markets in both Canada and Europe, selling facial serums and more recently Jojoba Oil. They also plan to bring an essential oils range to market very soon.

Oils are something I really like to incorporate into my skincare. I have dry skin so I find that oils really help lock in all that extra moisture that I really need. Jojoba oil was an oil that I had never tried before, so when I was given the opportunity to try it out for free, I definitely took advantage of that offer.

What I like most about this oil is that it is versatile. It is very light weight compared to other oils I have used, so you can use this on your skin, nails, and your hair. You can add it into your foundation as well if you have dry skin and need that extra boost for the makeup wearing people. I like that this is 100% pure organic jojoba oil, with no other filler oils or added fragrances. I used this mostly at night as the last step in my skincare routine. And I did also add it in with my foundations on days I felt my skin was a little more dry than usual. This will be really beneficial in the winter when it starts to get really cold, and the heat is really blasting.

The jojoba oil didn't make me break out and I never had a bad reaction to this oil either. My only complaint is the dropper. Its a little flimsy and never holds the oil properly in the dropper. When you take the dropper out, the oil just falls out on its own. It makes it a little messy. But over all, I am very happy with this oil and I will continue to use it in my skincare routine.

If you're interested in trying Eden's Semilla Jojoba Oil, or their other products, you can purchase it directly from their website: . It also looks as if the essential oils have been launched, so they are available to purchase now.

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