July 11, 2016

June 2016 - Empties!

So this may be going up a little later than usual but things have been so hectic! I'm not sure if you guys are into soccer but the past few weeks has been the Euro Cup. Last night was the final game, and it was down to Portugal and France. The area that I work in, is a Portuguese area, so when Portugal won, the streets were CRAZY! There was a huge party, lots of chanting, and honking. It was just insane. I finally got a quiet moment to myself this morning, and I decided I would finally get this June empties post up.

I didn't get through as many empties as I thought I did, and I thought about pushing it to include July empties as well, but I decided not to. I haven't got may posts up lately, and I feel so neglectful of the blog. Sorry guys! Once this summer is over and the Fall hits, I can finally get back into a blog routine. Also, I need to be on a no-buy because I've just been buying way too many products. July 1st was the start of that, and I've done well so far. (It's only been 11 days! lol)

So let's get into the empties! I did have 11 sheet masks that I finished up, but I didn't include them in the pictures because I feel as if they are starting to get very repetitive. If I have any stand out masks, I will definitely include them in my monthly empties, just this month I didn't have anything spectacular stand out in terms on sheet masks, or wash off masks.