June 22, 2016

Topbox - June 2016

As most of you may know by now, Topbox is a Canadian subscription service. Ships to Canada only and is $12 each month. (plus tax, free shipping!) Which is pretty affordable in my books. You receive 4 products every month, and each month you get the chance to wish for a prive box. These usually are brand specific boxes with a limited quantity.

There were quite a few good choices this month for the prive boxes, so I will show you what they are, and then you will see what I actually got! I hope these aren't blurry because it's so difficult to do this from my phone!

Bliss Prive Topbox
Bliss, lemon + sage body butter maximum moisture cream
Bliss, triple oxygen radiant protection energizing serum
Bliss, triple oxygen instant energizing foaming mask
Bliss, fabulous makeup melt gel to oil cleanser
Bliss, that's incredi-peel spa strength glycolic resurfacing pads (x2)
Bliss, fabulous drench n' quench cream to water lock in moisturizer
Bliss, empty sample jar

Elizabeth Arden Prive Topbox
Elizabeth Arden Mini Beauty Discoveries Flawless Future Powered by Ceramides set

Medusa's Makeup Prive Box
Medusa's Makeup, cruelty free Lip Gloss
Medusa's Makeup, eyeshadow, mica mineral powder
These are being sent out in assorted colours, so no 2 boxes may be alike. Or they may all be the same depending on which shades they have laying around!

ModelCo Prive Topbox
ModelCo, BB+ Cream in Light
ModelCo, Shine Gloss in assorted colours

No Dark Shadows Prive Topbox
No Dark Shadows, complexion enhancer in pizazz
No Dark Shadows, complexion enhancer in wow

SeaRx Prive Topbox
SeaRx Body Scrub in a sample size x12

So as you can see, there was a great selection of prive boxes this month. Generally I choose just the normal topbox, I've never wished for a prive because I like the excitement of not knowing what I'm exactly getting. Plus I find with these prive boxes, sometimes the shades just would never work for my skin. I would say though that I was most excited for the bliss, the Elizabeth Arden and the no Dark Shadows. However since I'm so pale, I decided to stay away from the makeup, which meant not wishing for the no Dark Shadows box. I ended up wishing for the Bliss box.

So what did I get?!

Bliss Prive Topbox!

I'm so excited! I honestly thought I wouldn't get this one. I'm in a couple of beauty groups on Facebook and this seemed to be the most wished for.

I will be honest and say though that I haven't had a chance to try this set yet, but that's because I was recently picked for a skincare and that has a timeframe as to when they need my feedback. I don't want to go crazy trying too many new products at once. But as soon as I'm through with that, I will try this system out and do a review on all of them!

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