March 30, 2016

NYX Canada Haul! - First Impressions and Swatches!

This should really be split up into two posts because I purchased these items separately (some from Shoppers Drug Mart and some from NYX Canada website) but since it's all NYX, I've decided to combine them together.

NYX is not new to the cosmetic world. In fact, they have been available forever in drug stores across the US. We recently just received some store fronts in the GTA, and Shoppers Drug Mart recently started carrying the line in stores. Not everything is available in Shoppers Drug Mart yet, but it's still pretty awesome to see the line carried there! Finally something we don't miss out on.

This review is going to be a first impression/swatches. I haven't fully tested out some of the products, but those that I have will have a short little blurb about what I think!

I got a few different items to play around with! So exciting!

NYX Liquid Suede - Cream Lipstick in Tea & Cookies
This sells for $10 on the NYX Canada website, but I picked this one up at Shoppers Drug Mart and it was $10.99, not too much more of an increase.. and I bet when it goes on sale in store, it will be similar or a little less. (There was 20x the points on NYX when I went in and purchased)

As you can see, it's a doe foot applicator, but one side is kind of flat which makes it easier to apply. The cream lipstick itself isn't overly thick, but it's not too thin either. I do find it does apply a little patchy, so you may have to go over it in certain spots to be sure you have covered your entire lips.

Tea & Cookies is described as a muted tea rose pink. And I would say that is pretty correct. It is a little darker than whats in the tube when its on me, just because I'm so pale, but the colour is really pretty! And doesn't lean nude or brown like some of the other tea rose colours may do on my skin. It does last awhile on your lips but it doesn't stain them. I also found that it does take a little bit to dry, and it's not matte like a liquid lipstick. I have seen others say it was a liquid lipstick, but it definitely isn't. If that is what you're looking for, I would say try something else! I do really enjoy this colour and I'm glad I picked it up. It was the last one that day!

NYX - Butter Lipstick in Root Beer Float
This sells for $9.00 on the NYX Canada website.

Pamper your lips with a hydrating kiss of smooth Butter Lipstick in 22 luxurious shades. The delicate texture of satin fused with the high color saturation creates an even finish on lips that’s long-wearing and beautiful.

I've tried the NYX Butter Lipstick in the past. I actually received one from Ipsy awhile ago, but it was in a dark purple shade. I loved how it felt, but it's not a colour I can really pull off. I decided to give this another try in a different colour. I wouldn't describe it as a mauve colour against my skin, it's kind of a "your lips but better" shade for me when it is applied to my lips. It is a colour that everyone would be able to pull off though, and I like the consistency of it!

NYX - HD Concealer Wand - in Porcelain
This sells for $8.00 on the NYX Canada website, and I picked it up in Shoppers Drug Mart for $9.49

I'm always, always, always, on the hunt for a good concealer. I have dark under eye circles, and I'm so pale, which makes it difficult to actually find something that will cover them up. So far, my favourite has been the Nars Creamy Concealer, but it is a little pricey. Here comes NYX HD Concealer. Porcelain is the lightest shade they sell, and apparently has blue undertones.

This lightweight cover-up obscures imperfections discoloration and under eye circles without ever looking cakey or obvious. Little wonder the Concealer Wand is one of our best-sellers. The concentrated emollient-rich formula goes on like a dream and creates medium to heavy coverage. Use the lavender for sallow skin the green to reduce the appearance of redness and the yellow for under-eye darkness.

As you can see it's another doe-foot applicator, just like other concealers with a wand. I've grown to prefer this type of concealer because it's just less messy than sticking my finger into a pot. Also, I find them to have better coverage.

The swatch makes it look quite yellow... but once it blends out, it's really not that yellow on me. I find it does a decent job covering my under-eye circles. It's more on the thicker/creamier end, and it does crease a little in my fine lines, but I find pretty much all of them do that to me, even with primers. I think I would repurchase this in the future just because it's so much more affordable then some of the higher end brands. But it still may be too early to make that claim, haha. It's a nice medium coverage concealer.

NYX - Highlight & Contour Pro Palette 
Sells for $27 on the NYX Canada website

As we all know, highlighting and contouring has been all the rage for the past few years. I never really got into it until recently. The first time I "tried" it, I was like wow... I've been walking around like a pale white blob... haha. Now I won't say I'm amazing at it, because I'm still learning. But with all the pretty contouring palettes that are released, I really wanted to try it. Now, Kat Von D has a beautiful contouring palette, and I was SO tempted to order it. But again, because I'm new to the contouring world, I didn't want to spurge so much on something that I wasn't sure if I was going to keep up with... and I knew that the lightest 2 shades for highlighting and contouring would be the only 2 that I would use. Now, that doesn't seem right to splurge so much on only 2 shades. I remember seeing this in the NYX section of Shoppers Drug Mart, so I took my quest online.
All of the shade names are listed on the back of the palette, which makes it easier to use (and to replace! - I'll touch on that in a second)

Define your features like a pro with our refillable highlight and contour palette! Each set includes eight customizable highlighting and contouring shades perfect for emphasizing your favorite features. When it's time to swap out a pan or two you can find the palette's Pro Singles

The top rows include: Ice Queen, Soft Light, Cream, Nectar. Bottom row: Tan, Toffee, Sculpt, Hollow.

So obviously the top is highlighting, bottom is contouring. Now, I don't know how to fancy my face by sculpting and hollowing, but it's nice to see that there are options. Ice queen would make a pretty highlight, and I've read online that yellow powders (such as cream) would help brightening the under-eye area.

As you can see, and also mentioned above, the pan is removable, so once you finish a shade, you can pop it out and just purchase the new pan. Unfortunately though they aren't magnetized, so if you wanted to put some in a z-palette, you would have to get some magnets! When I first saw they were possible to order just the pan, I considered just purchasing 3 or 4 shades from the palette, but changed my mind and ordered the whole thing. It will be fun to play with this and learn how to contour a little better.

This is the top row in the palette.  It goes from top to bottom... Ice Queen, Soft Light, Cream, Nectar. I found ice queen a little hard to apply, so that is two swipes. Cream was a little chalky for me, but it wasn't terrible.

These are the contouring shades. From top to bottom it goes... Tan, Toffee, Sculpt and Hollow. As you can see they are pretty dark when you apply them, so a light hand is definitely needed. These were pretty smooth when applied to my arm. I can't wait to try these in a complete look.

NYX - Dark Circle Concealer in Fair
This sells for $8.00 on the NYX Canada website

It's been mentioned a few times, but I do have dark under-eye circles, and they are blue. Blah. I decided I'd try this just because. Fair is the lightest shade this is available in, and it has an orange pigment to cancel the blue in dark circles.

A serious solution for one of beauty’s most challenging problems! No fancy names just a product that can be counted on to do the job. The product glides on without looking thick or obvious. Coconut oil provides intensive moisture and ensures no caking. The subtle hint of orange counteracts the appearance of dark circles while natural skin-toned pigments work in unison to provide the ultimate coverage

It's a little hard to read, but there is coconut oil in the product so it prevents caking, and helps provide moisture to your under eyes. This is the one product I haven't swatched or tried yet, so I'm really hoping it helps cancel out some of the blue from under my eyes.

Also pictured in the main photo, I purchased a Pro Contour Brush, just because I don't have one yet. I haven't used it yet to apply makeup, but I did find that it feels soft, and it hasn't shed at all, so hopefully it stays like that!

Overall, I'm quite happy with what I have purchased so far from NYX. I find the prices to be very reasonable, and it will be awesome to be able to go into Shoppers Drug Mart to take a look at everything whenever new items are released. Shipping from the Canadian website was also very quick. I ordered late on Wednesday night (just before Easter) and received everything on Monday! Plus, Friday was a holiday here! Very impressive!

*I purchased all of these products with my own money, all of these opinions are my own*

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