February 10, 2016

Birchbox Points Redemption

With the news of Birchbox closing up Canadian operations, I redeemed the points I had on my account in fear that they wouldn't let us redeem them, or that they would close up immediately and there goes the points. I didn't really need anything so I was just trying to let them accumulate from the last time I did a points redemption. I had enough for $30, so I did end up having to pay a little more out of my pocket than I wanted to. They later announced that we would have until April to redeem our points. I kind of wish I waited cause it would have pushed me to $40 in points. Ah well!

Derma E - Hydrating Scrub
I partially picked this up because it had free shipping, I also have always wanted to try Derma E products. I've always wanted to try the cleansers, moisturizers, serums, especially with the hyaluronic acid! However I didn't know where to find them, and when I had the chance to redeem some points, I chose other items the first time. So, I picked this one. I needed a scrub, and I figured this one would be good because it's also hydrating.

Balance Me- Congested Skin Serum
I received this first as a sample, and I've been using it every day for about a month now. It helps with break outs, and it does not irritate my skin at all. I use it as a serum all over my face. I did a quick review about it on my January favourites post. I would say I wish it was bigger for the price.

Did you pick up anything once Birchbox Canada announced they were ending operations? What did you get?

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