November 19, 2015

GlamGlow GIFTSEXY Dazzling Hydration Set

I picked up this GlamGlow Dazzling Hydration Set during the friends and family event. So I got it for 20% off. I usually don't like to spend large amounts on one skin care item, but I decided to splurge since I had the discount, and I figured maybe this will be the HG I've been on the search for since they discontinued my favourite Shiseido moisturizer!

The kit contains a full sized container of ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment, and sample sizes of Supermud Clearing Treatment (pretty much clay mask) and Thirstycleanse Daily Hydrating Cleanser. Also included in the bundle is a brush, with a plastic piece at the end, which I assume helps take the mask out of the white container. I haven't used the brush because I don't have any issues with sticking my fingers into jars. I could see it being useful though if the product is becoming low. This set retails for $76 (Canadian) which is the full price of just the full sized jar of the hydrating treatment. So if you're looking for any GlamGlow products... take a look on Sephora's value set page, and you may find one. This is the link I used to make my purchase:

First up... let's look at the Thirstycleanse Daily Hydrating Cleanser

As you can see, it's not the typical white cleanser. It's muddy looking. It is a little creamy, and it has a hint of coconut smell to it. The instructions say to:
-Apply one to two pumps to hands, add water, and vigorously rub hands together to create foaming lather.
-Apply to face and massage over skin.
-Continue adding water to increase foaming lather.
-Not to be used as a mask.

After following the instructions, I rinsed it all off. I used it after my oil cleanser, and I have to say I wasn't a huge fan of this cleanser. It left my skin feeling a little tight. I did like the smell, and how it made my skin tingle. I will use this up but I don't think I would purchase the full size version of it.

Next up. I let my skin dry, and applied the Supermud Clearing Treatment

As you can see, it's pretty similar to the Tinglexfoliant mask that GlamGlow also offers. I really enjoy that mask, so I really enjoyed this one as well. The instructions say to:
-Apply a thin layer to clean skin.
-leave on for five to 20 minutes and remove with water.
-Use as a full face mask or spot treatment as often as needed.

I really love how smooth my skin feels after using these types of mud masks. I would consider purchasing this as a full size item in the future. If it was on sale again.

And finally... the star of the show...

Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment.
-Use two to three times per week or when needed.
-Apply an even layer to clean dry skin.
-Can be used on the face, neck, and chest.
-Day use: leave on for 10 to 20 minutes, allowing product to absorb into the skin, wipe off with tissue, and massage remaining product into skin or wash-off with water.
-Night use: leave on to infuse the skin with moisture and wake up with extremely hydrated skin.
-In-flight use: apply at the beginning of the flight and leave on for flight duration.

This "treatment" can be used as a mask that you leave on for 10-20 minutes and then wipe off, rinse off, or massage into the skin. Or you can use it as a night sleep pack to wake up with hydrated skin. Personally, I've used this as a moisturizer... massaging it into my skin - day and night.

This hydrating treatment has a coconut scent as well, and also gives off a cooling effect as you first put it on. I really love the feeling, and the scent is tolerable. I do find that it does linger if you wear it as a day cream. The colour of the cream itself is a little off putting, but I guess it works with their "mud" lines.

Under makeup, this does work. However I find it isn't hydrating enough on it's own for my dry skin. Especially under makeup. You can still see my little flakes, which isn't pretty.

As a night sleep pack (I guess I'm used to reading the Korean version lol) it works great. It deeply hydrates your skin over night, and you wake up glowy! I wish it worked for me during the day under makeup, because it's really dewy, and I prefer that look on myself opposed to the ever-so-popular matte.

Overall, I haven't noticed my skin to be healed from dry skin. It doesn't make my skin hydrated 24 hours a day. I like the hydration it does temporarily give, but I probably wouldn't repurchase this in the future. It's a pretty expensive sleep pack if you ask me. But I'm glad I gave it a test because I do enjoy GlamGlow products.

*I purchased these products with my own money, and this is my own opinion*

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