September 2, 2015

TheFaceShop - Rice Ceramide Moisture Toner and Emulsion

I was looking for an emulsion (because I didn't have one) and I found this duo.

TheFaceShop Rice Ceramide Moisture Toner and Moisture Emulsion. I've been using these for about 2 months now, and you can see on the right, how little has been used.

Moisture Toner - This is a clear liquid. It's thicker than your traditional toner, but it's not a gel. It's still liquid. Just a little thicker. As soon as I apply this, my face is all like THANKYOUSOMUCH. Sometimes it feels like its moisturizing enough, but you can't trick me face, I know I need more. MORE!

After my toner I usually apply the Etude House Moistfull Super Collagen Ampoule Essence and then my hyaluronic acid serum if I remember. If I decide to do a sheet mask, this is where it happens. Then some eye cream, and then this wonderful moisture emulsion!

Moisture Emulsion - This is a thinned out version of a moisturizer. A "light" moisturizer. The pre-moisturizer to a night pack/moisturizer. This stuff is awesome. Again, after I apply it, my face feels moisturized enough. But I always layer.

This duo has been great for my skin. It makes it feel moisturized, but never ever greasy. I will definitely repurchase these whenever they run out. I usually use the toner twice a day, and the emulsion at night. But on super dry feeling days, I use both morning and night. I think I found this on ebay for something crazy like $13 for the duo. And they shipped from Hong Kong in a short time. Amazing!

 * I purchased this with my own money. All opinions are of my own*

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