June 22, 2015

Younique Haul [Reviews]

I had about 3 different shopping experiences recently with Younique products. I originally planned on splitting them into 3 posts, but I think I will break them up into only two!

So if you don't know, Younique is a direct sales company. They're very well known for their 3D Fiber Lashes but they also have a ton more products. They have skin care, make-up, and even tools. This post will be focusing on a 3 different items.

This above purchase was actually done as an order swap. Someone needed a Scentsy item and I agreed to purchase something from their Younique page, which was fine because I was dying to try the Stiff Upper Lip - Lip Stain and Shine, their eye makeup remover cloths, which can also be used on your whole face.

Shine - Eye Makeup Remover Cloths
I really like these cloths. They are somewhat thick, but VERY durable. They aren't overly saturated with liquid, but they aren't overly dry either. They have some oils in them which keeps them moisturized, but better yet, keeps your skin also moisturized. They take off all make up, including their famous waterproof 3D fiber lashes - which is really awesome. I really like these wipes, and I would consider purchasing them again!

Stiff Upper Lip - Lip Stain in the shade "Sappy"
The shade I received is a very neutral colour. I didn't want anything too dark or too bright, so I chose sappy. It's very close to my natural lip colour - just a tad darker, and with a bit of a coral shade to it. I have a swatch on a napkin (I know, I just didn't want to stain my skin lol) which you will see below.

A week or two passed, and my close friend wanted to earn some points towards their Younique trip. She had be struggling a little so I decided to make a small purchase. I ordered another lip stain in the shade "skittish" and the rose water spray that I was also dying to try. I have heard rose water is great for dry skin, and for evening skin tone, helping with wrinkles, etc. So, I ordered a bottle.

Refreshed Rose Water - my first thought was oh my gosh, that's small! And it is lol. I was expecting a larger size for the price they charge. But I figured I would try it anyway and then form a full opinion. So this stuff is in a spray bottle and can be used as a mist to hydrate your akin, before or after moisturizing or applying your makeup. It can also be used as a toner after you cleanse your face. While I have seen some improvements in my skin, I would hesitate to repurchase this, mainly due to the price and size. It does give my skin a hydration boost, but I have only had this bottle for about a month and its already halfway down. I have a Clinique moisture spray that is close to being done that I have had for years, its probably triple the size. I am thinking of just purchasing rose water from amazon and putting it in this bottle. Any recommendations?

Stiff Upper Lip - Lip Stain in the shade "Skittish" 
It's kind of hard to tell in this photo, but this is actually a bright pink shade. After trying the more subtle stain, I decided I wanted to try a bolder stain. Unfortunately, I don't have very much luck with this one. I can scrub my lips, apply it as lightly as I possibly can, and it still pools in the middle of my lips. I really like this colour, so it kind of stinks that it doesn't work as well as I'd like. Plus, if I wipe my lips at any point while wearing this, the colour still transfers.

Those are the two lip stains compared beside one another. The darker shade in the tube is "Sappy" - it just looks a lot darker in the tube than what it actually is. The lighter shade in the tube is "Skittish" and it's a bright pink... see below!
This is my colour comparison. I'm sorry it's on a napkin, but I didn't want to walk around with pink skin for a day. The coral shade is the more natural colour "sappy" and the bright pink is "skittish"... both are really nice colours, I just wish they applied easier, and didn't pool so much on my mouth. Sappy is a little more forgiving than skittish.

*I purchased this with my own money. All opinions are of my own*

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