June 1, 2015

Macee Leigh - Fiber Lashes [Review]

Like I mentioned in my previous posts about Macee Leigh products, a friend was a consultant and then found out that Canadians could no longer buy or sell Macee Leigh products. This left her stuck with a ton of stock, which she was selling at a discount to get rid of it all. I purchased the pumpkin masque, the face lift, and their version of fiber lashes. So far I have been impressed with their quality.

Fiber lashes are all the rage. They typically come with a tube of transplanting gel, and a tube of fibers. Macee Leigh is no different. What I loved immediately that the tubes were black and  pink! They have a little bit of texture on them that looks like water pellets. It also comes in a light pink case which looks like a glasses holder. Very similar to the Younique case.

The brushes are a little similar to the Younique 3D Fiber lashes mascara. The fibers are the same, but the wand shape of the transplanting gel is different. The Macee Leigh version is a little more straight, and thinner bristles. The Younique brush is more of an hourglass shape.

That was my finished look with the Macee Leigh fiber lashes.

To be completely honest, I prefer the look of the Macee Leigh fiber lashes over the Younique lashes. I find it easier to use the ML brush. I get less clumping with their formula as well. I find each time I use the Younique 3D Fiber lashes, that my lashes clump like crazy. Then I have to go back in and brush them out, and then the mascara just flakes everywhere, and I lose a lot of the fibers. With the ML fiber lashes, there is very minimal clumping and I find it just isn't as "dramatic" as the Y lashes.

I would repurchase the ML fiber lashes, but possibly in the future once I get through all my other mascaras (who knows how long that will REALLY take) and if they decide to sell to Canadians again!

Another thing to add is that the Macee Leigh fiber lashes are a little cheaper than the Younique lashes, so if you ever wanted to give them a try, it's not too expensive. $20!

*I purchased this product with my own money. This was not given to me for free. This review is all of my own opinion.*


  1. This makes you lashes look amazing!!!
    Renee C.

    1. I really like these fiber lashes compared to Younique and Mia Adora (that review is coming soon!)


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