May 29, 2015

Birchbox - May 2015

This is my third birchbox. I'm still a little torn if I really like it or not. Everything seems to be sample sized (which isn't a huge deal) and not really customized. I've said I'm okay with perfume for 6 out of 12 months, and I've already got it 2 out of 3 boxes. I'm picky about the scents I like, so theres that. And theres only so many lotions people can put up with! Here's my May box!

I'm happy I actually got the themed box this month. Last month everyone was supposed to get the Rifle & Co box, however I still got the boring brown box. This was a nice surprise.

Raw Spirit - Desert Blush Perfume - I hate floral perfumes. This was a miss. Also, I hate perfume samples where you have to pull the cap off and somehow figure out how to apply it. Thats the type they sent. Bad, bad, bad (for me).

Bee Kind - Body Lotion - meh. It smells okay, slightly citrusy. However its very thin and watery. I prefer thicker lotions. I'm not big on body lotion anyway, so I've been using it on and off on my hands. Not the greatest.

Laqa and Co - Sheer Lip Lube Pencil - I wouldn't consider this a lip pencil once you apply it. It's moisturizing, and creamy. The colour is pretty sheer but can be built up very easily, so a light hand is definitely needed. It has a light hint of mint. I liked it, but I wish they sent it in a different colour. If I lightly (and I mean LIGHTLY) apply it - it's okay. But with a heavy hand, I'd look like a clown. Also - I hate the name. Lip Lube. Ugh.

W3LL People - Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara - I wouldn't call this extreme mascara, but I really liked it. I liked the brush and how natural it kept my lashes looking. One coat is good, it didn't clump or give me raccoon eyes throughout the day. I'd consider purchasing this with some of my Birchbox points - however I have enough mascara that keeps building up, so it wouldn't be any time soon.

Rust - Hair Paste - I don't have a need for this. I passed it on, so I don't have a review for you.

So, as you can see... I wasn't overly impressed with this box. I really hope Birchbox steps up their game. I really love the point system, as I almost have 200 points and have only got 3 boxes. Which means $20 for me to spend in their store. I like that more than the Ipsy point system.

I do have to add here though that I resubbed to Ipsy. I really was avoiding it, and I got an email saying they were sending another Too Faced Melted in June. I figured I would take my chances, plus... I really miss getting that pink mailer, haha. So we will see. June last year was my best bag, so fingers crossed it is a good one.

*I purchased this subscription with my own money. All opinions are of my own*

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