April 24, 2015

Warmer Wednesday! What's in your Warmer?!

I'm a little behind on my days, but I finally got a chance to switch out my Scents!

For my bedroom....

This is new for this spring and summer, and I think it is such a great scent! It smells like creamy bananas, with a hint of coconut (milk)... it's creamy, fruity, tropical. I just love it! Now it isn't overly strong, and is a little more on the lighter end of the scent throw. But I still really like it. Remember a few weeks ago I mixed bananarama and rio beach? It's very similar to my concoction, but it's creamier!

For the washroom...

Blueberry Cheesecake
This is a classic for me. I remember before I got it, I was so hesitant to try it. I'm not a big fan of blueberries, and why would I want my house to smell like cheesecake? Well, I was so wrong. SO SO wrong. This scent is AMAZING. It's not cheesy smelling, the blueberry isn't overpowering. It's sweet. It's just magical. Everyone needs this bar in their stash. The scent throw isn't super strong, but I can smell it if I'm downstairs and I have it warming upstairs. I just love this scent. I'm going to need another bar soon!

What's in your Warmer?!

** I have to add that I have decided to create a MYSTERY HOST PARTY on my Scentsy page! I've added party links for both Canadian orders, and US orders. Anyone that orders from either of these parties will be eligible to win ALL of the host rewards! This is something new I'm trying and it seems like such a fun idea! If you would like to participate, below are the party links. There will be a winner for the Canadian party, and a winner for the US party! If you have any questions please ask! **

Canada Party Link -

US Party Link -

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