April 9, 2015

Ipsy - April 2015 - Sneak Peeks!

Ipsy, very early on, posted that the them for the month of April was going to be "Beautifully Bohemian" while I'm no longer subscribed, I was interested to see what types of products were going to go out this month.

Sneak Peek #1
Okay, I'm not going to lie. After seeing this sneak peek, I was bummed that I cancelled. A Too Faced Melted lipstick? REALLY! The month after I quit?! Well... the only thing making me feel better was the fact that I probably wouldn't get it anyway! Here are the items from sneak peek #1:
- Elizabeth Arden Lipstick in Bold Red
- Hikari blush
- Essence Lash Princess Mascara
- Too Faced Melted in Peony
- Julie G Nail Polish

Out of this sneak peek I would have been happy with anything, but preferably in this order: Too Faced, Mascara, Nail Polish, Blush, EA Lipstick. I would have gotten one of the last two items.

Sneak Peek #2
- Mally Beauty Eyeliner
- Bonita Nail Polish
- Julie G Nail Polish (Pink is a repeat from previous sneak peek)
- Pandora's Blush
- Starlooks Lipgloss (Looks like a repeat from past bags)
- MicaBeauty Eye Primer
- Gallany Lipstick (this might be a repeat, or a point redemption)
- KCO Colors Lipstick

Nothing wow's me in this sneak peek. I wouldn't want the eyeliner, blue polish or gray polish. Both of those lipsticks look like they would be way too dark for me. The lipgloss looks like a repeat. That narrows it down to eye primer, blush, or pink nail polish. And none of those are amazing sounding.

Sneak Peek #3
As the sneak peeks continue, I'm a little more glad I unsubscribed. Yeah, I'm sure I'd be happy with something from each spoiler, but the chances of me getting it were so slim. 1 out of 8 chance I'd get what I want. Blah.

- Mullen & Sparrow Lip and Cheek Tint
- Redkin Wind Blown 05 Finishing Spray
- Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel (repeat from previous bag)
- Klorane Dry Shampoo (2 in one picture? I dunno... also a repeat from previous bags)
- Lather Ultra Light Face Lotion
- Theorie Hair Serum
- Hey Honey Serum
- Olive Oil Lip Balm
- Zaija Beauty Goats Milk

I might have been happy with the Hey Honey Serum or Olive Oil Lip Balm.

Sneak Peek #4
These came out in an email, so it wasn't a big surprise. Everyone will be getting one eyeshadow from The Balm in either the shade Flirty or Fit.

Sneak Peek #5
The bag envy disappears as the sneak peeks go on, haha. Seriously.
- Jo'rel Parker Femina Perfume
- Aromachology Sophisticated and Sensual EDP
- Crown Brush Oval Concealer Brush (I feel this is a repeat from a past bag)
- Evelyn Iona Concealer (another repeat)
- MicaBeauty Eye Primer (another repeat from this month)
- Mullen & Sparrow Lip and Cheek Tint (another repeat from this month)

Wow, I never realized how many repeats there were in this one. How much overstock does Ipsy have? Honestly, theres nothing I'd want from this.

And lastly, the bag.
I like the fabric, but I don't like the pattern. Or the colours. So, I'm not sad I missed this one.

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