April 20, 2015

Birchbox - April 2015

This was my second Birchbox, and I was super excited to get it in the mail. Especially since I cancelled Ipsy!

Canadian boxes are different from American boxes. My insert said I would be getting a Rifle Paper Co (I could have the name jumbled- I threw the product card out) box, and mine was just the plain old brown box. So that was a little bit disappointing.

Not Soap, Radio Body Wash in Bathing with Sharks - what's weird about this product is that the instructions say to lather it on your body and then rinse off. First off, I wasn't a fan of the scent. It's too manly for me. I like fruity scents. Next up, it didn't lather well at all. I will try it again on my loofah, but there's nothing amazing about this product. But, it will get used. Either by myself or someone else in my household.

Jelly Pong Pong Glow Getter Highlighter this was sent in the shade "Ibiza" .. I don't really use highlighters. I've been playing around with the one I got in my last Ipsy bag, but meh. I'm unsure if I will try this or not.

Whish Shave Cream in Pomegranate - I liked this scent as soon as I opened it. But as I continued to smell it, it began to smell like plastic. And it kind of smelled like pink sweet tarts as well. Anyway, I decided to try it out and it applies well. It's creamy. The only downside I'd say was that there wasn't much product in the package. I got to do both of my legs, and my pits, and it's pretty much done. I may be able to get one more use out of it. My legs weren't as dry afterwards either, so I would say it's moisturizing, but most shaving gels/creams usually are. To be honest, I just use either soap or men's shaving cream (I live with all men) when I do decide to use it, so I probably will never purchase this ever.

Beaver Professional Hydro Nutritve Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner - it's nice to see that this month they gave me both shampoo and conditioner! Last month I only got shampoo (which I still haven't tried.) I just put a new full size bottle of shampoo and conditioner in the shower, so I was hesitant on trying it. But since I'm trying to use some products up, I decided to give them a try anyway. I can say that yes my hair was soft and shiny after using it, but so many other shampoos and conditioners do it too. The full size bottles are $19, and $20 each, so I definitely won't be buying these.

Again, this box wasn't anything really exciting BUT I gave 4/5 products a try, and I know they will get used. I still see this as a positive thing because Ipsy wasn't giving me that. Birchbox will live on for another month! :)

*I purchased this subscription with my own money. All opinions are of my own*


  1. Last month I got the brown box instead of the patterned one - I love the Rifle Paper Co. box so I hope I get it! Sadly, this box didn't wow me - I'm still not sold on Birchbox Canada!
    Renee C.

    1. I'm torn because I know with the birchbox products I've gotten so far, I will use them. But I miss Ipsy. I liked the makeup samples more, but they were just sending me things that I wouldn't use. I think one day I might go back lol. I really hope Birchbox steps their game up though!


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