March 7, 2015

Ipsy - March 2015 - Sneak Peeks!

It's that time of the month again! Ipsy releases sneak peeks. Last year used to be so much more fun for them, as they "dressed up" the products, making it a little harder for us to guess what the items were. Now, they kinda just throw them on a pretty background, and call it a day. Anyone miss the old way?!

The theme for March 2015 is Floral Fantasy.

I have to say, the bag is kind of pretty. When they announced floral, I pictured more of a darker bag, with smaller flowers all over it, so this is a nice change. It will be perfect for spring, and easter. I love the blue and the pink. It's not overly floraly, but I like it. Hopefully it doesn't smell like plastic, like it has in the past. We'll see if I still like it once it gets here!

Sneak Peek #1
Okay, so here we have:
- Milani Color Statement Nail Polish in Doll Face or Peri-Wink
- Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow in Fifty Shades (grey) or Lucky Penny (copper)
- LaNeige BB Cushion SPF 50+ BB Cream (Repeat)
- Vintage by Jessica Liebeskind Illuminating Face Highlighter
- Pixi by Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Duo Eye Shadow in Apricot Glow made for Ipsy

All members will receive ONE of the items from above. I guess I'd really like either of the nail polishes, or the Pixi eye shadow.

Sneak Peek #2
All members will receive ONE of the following:
- Mary Kay At Play Eye Crayon in Teal Me More
- Evelyn Iona Cosmetics Concealer in Flawless (Medium Ivory)
- Boo Boo Cover Up in Medium (Repeat)
- Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter (Repeat)
- Crown Brush Oval Concealer Brush
- Crown Brush Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush (Repeat)

To be honest, theres nothing I want from this spoiler.

Sneak Peek #3
So we all pretty much knew about this sneak peek, it was just a matter of when they were going to post it. All subscribers would get either a lipstick or eyeshadow.

- NYX Butter Lipstick in one of three shades: Pop (mauve), Little Susie (pink) or Hunk (purple)
- NYX Glam Shadow in either Over the Top, or Sentiment

I have enough brown eye shadows to last me a life time, so I'd like to see a lipstick in my bag. On the actual Ipsy site, when you look at the lipsticks, they look so much different than what is pictured here. I guess between the three I'd like the pink. The mauve looks way too brown for me, and purple is out of the question.

Sneak Peek #4
 All members will get ONE of the following items:
- Dr. Brandt Skincare Pores No More Anti-Aging Mattifying Lotion
- Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels
- Crown Brush Oval Concealer Brush (Also in sneak peek #2)
- Pur-lisse Beauty Gentle Soymilk Cleanser and Makeup Remover

From these, I think I would want to try the Eye Gels the most.

Sneak Peek #5
Theres a ton of products in this sneak peek, but all members will receive only ONE item...
- Pur-lisse Beauty Gentle Soymilk Cleanser and Makeup Remover (Repeat from previous sneak peek)
- LashEm 3 in 1 Eye Bright
- Gilchrist and Soames London Collection Body Lotion
- Acure Day Cream
- Coolway Glow Oil Treatment
- Equitance Brightening Serum and Spot Corrector
- St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub
- Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Creme Oil
- LeeAnni Eco 3 in 1 Revolution Light (Repeat from past bags)

Well. I can't really say theres anything I REALLY want in this spoiler. I can say I don't want the LashEm because I got it in a beauty box 5 and it stung a lot. I don't want St.Ives because I have some already and I don't really think it should be in a beauty subscription. I don't want the LeeAnni Eco because I have a full size bottle of the non-light version. I guess I'd be happy with the serum. I'd say I want the Oil Treatment but it's for hair, and I would prefer an oil for my skin.

I'm not really impressed with what is coming in March's bag.

Ipsy opened up early access pretty quickly this month, the same time sneak peek #3 was posted, and I got to look at what I was getting.

First of all, there was NO YAY-ING over here. I was happy to see the lipstick - but of course, that all depends on what colour I'm actually sent. With my luck its going to be purple, or brown. Neither of those are going to work for me.

And what reassures me EVEN MORE that I will be getting an ugly lipstick, is the fact that they are sending me that Dr Brandt Pores No More Mattifying Lotion, AND Boo-Boo Concealer in the shade Medium.

Ipsy. My beauty quiz TELLS you that I am FAIR skinned, and I also have my skin type listed as DRY. WHY WOULD I WANT A MEDIUM SHADE OF CONCEALER, AND LOTION THAT MAKES MY SKIN MATTE? AND not ONLY that... why are you sending me a HIGHLIGHTER on top of MATTE lotion?! Where is the logic in that? I'm sorry but this just pushed me over the edge. I've been contemplating cancelling for a few months now, and as soon as I saw the contents, I cancelled. I also emailed them and told them that nothing in this bag works for me, and to make SURE my account will be cancelled after this month. Ah, so much rage. And apparently, I'm not the only one that has this issue. If you take a look on Ipsy's facebook page, or over at, everyone else getting this bag, is FAIR skinned. Ugh.

I'll be doing my March 2015 review when the bag gets here. I'm unsure if I will keep up with the sneak peeks, just because I won't be subscribed anymore. However, it seems my Ipsy posts seem to bring in the most traffic, so I may keep it up for a little longer.

Birchbox Canada also gave out a sneak peek for the month of March, and they will be sending every Canadian subscriber a mini Beauty Blender if you subscribe before March 17th, so I subscribed. I probably won't be keeping the subscription because I can't really afford any subscription at the moment.

*I purchased this subscription with my own money. All opinions are of my own*
*Post contains referral links*

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