February 17, 2015

Warming Wednesday! - What's in your warmer?!

Okay, it's not Wednesday yet, I may have got too excited. But I really wanted to start this section of my blog!

I'll make the posts quick and easy, just sharing what I'm warming that day. I hope to get this going every week! For the first Warming Wednesday we have...

Warmer:  Doodlebud: I got this warmer all the way back in 2012, and it's unfortunately no longer available. I loved the light pink with brown accent flowers, and I still really like it. But I'd like to upgrade to a more "grown-up" warmer. I'm looking into something more simple! This is in my bedroom.

Wax Bar:  Happy Birthday!
Scent description (by me): This is a vanilla scent - it smells exactly like vanilla cake, with a vanilla frosting, and sprinkles! It isn't overly sugary or sweet, but if you love vanilla, then you'll love this one.

This scent will be discontinued after February 28th.

Warmer:  Sand Dollar (Plug in): I also picked this up back in 2012. It was discontinued for awhile, but it has made its way back into the Scentsy shop. I love how simple this one is. The light colour of the warmer, with a soft sand dollar design. I purchased this specifically for a washroom, knowing that the colour would match with any paint colour.

Wax Bar:  Berry Blush
Scent description (by me): This is an interesting scent. It's somewhat romantic, fruity and floral. It has notes of strawberries, champagne and flowers. I would classify it as a light spring scent - the floral is more pronounced to me, and then the berries. This was a bar from Scentsy's Bring Back My Bar promotion. So unfortunately it's no longer available but may come back in the future as a part of another BBMB voting/promotion time.

When I update next time about "Warming Wednesday" I will only post the Scents. Since I only have those two warmers, it doesn't make sense to update every week about the same two.

What's in your warmer!?

Until February 28th, Scentsy is having a 10% off sale on almost everything - this includes their waxes, warmers, laundry and body care. All of the Fall and Winter scents will be discontinued and no longer available to order after then. Also, the lip gloss, bath tablets (fizzies) and hand sanitizer will all be discontinued as well. If you're interested in ordering  (or sharing) anything please visit my site below. All orders can be placed online from anywhere in Canada, Mexico, or the US! Thank you!

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