January 26, 2015


I've been trying to use up so many of my older products - a lot of them seem to be skincare items. I still have a lot that are SO CLOSE to being emptied, so there may be another "empties" post coming soon! I hope to have more makeup in that one - but we'll see!

Pantene Pro V - Ultimate 10 BB Creme Collection -  I got these back in October as part of a BzzCampaign. I have to say I wasn't overly impressed with them when I first got them, and I've been using them since to see if my opinion has changed. And it hasn't. I hate seeing things go to waste, especially if they are brand new, so I stuck it out. I find Pantene in general makes my hair greasy about a day or two after I wash it. Like grossly greasy. Not just that, something in their ingredient list makes my scalp ITCH so bad after a day. It's ridiculous. Anyway, I didn't notice anything different with my hair, health wise. It didn't get smoother, shiny-er, or anything else. With that being said, I would never repurchase these.

Ahh, Scentsy bars. Okay, they're not really a beauty item. But, I love Scentsy and these wax bars. I've had these two for awhile, and as you can see they are both a part of their "Bring Back My Bar" promotion Scentsy has twice a year. These two particular scents are back again for January (ends on the 31st) and I've ordered a brand new one each - making it easier to use these up! On the top there is Grape Granita and on the bottom there is Watermelon Patch. Both of these are very summery, fruity scents. I love fruity/tropical scents, and these last hours upon hours of warming. And DAYS. The grape is a little stronger, and has more lasting power between the two, but honestly both are great. I will repurchase. (And I have - just waiting for them to ship!)

First Aid Beauty (FAB) - Ultra Repair Cream - Intense Therapy Skin Protectant
If you have been following my blog, then you know the STRUGGLE that I've been having, trying to find a good moisturizer for my skin. I must have over 10 different creams right now. It's kind of ridiculous! I made this purchase probably over a year (maybe 2 - yikes) ago, and this does absolutely NOTHING for my face. I've read so many reviews that praise this product and my face does not agree. It is a little more on the thicker side, if you're expecting a lotion, but it's not as creamy as a cream. I ended up using this mostly on my hands and feet because it did nothing for my face - which explains why it took so long to get through. I would not repurchase.

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