January 30, 2015

Smile Sciences Teeth Whitening Kit [Review]

A few months back, at the end of the summer actually, I came across an Instagram account that was promoting Smile Sciences Teeth Whitening Kit. She posted that she had great results, showed us how white her teeth got, and how much she loved this product. It was regularly $299, but she had a coupon code making it only $29. I figured it might be too good to be true, but thought it costs the same at the drug store for these whitening kits, and this one has a custom tray. Maybe it would be better. So I ordered it online and it came within a few days.

Fast forward to now. I've had this sitting here for months, waiting to be used. I just never got around to it. Until tonight.

January 26, 2015


I've been trying to use up so many of my older products - a lot of them seem to be skincare items. I still have a lot that are SO CLOSE to being emptied, so there may be another "empties" post coming soon! I hope to have more makeup in that one - but we'll see!

Maybelline - The Nudes Palette [Review]

I know... it's taken me a few months to finally get this post going. I kept meaning to start writing it, then I got all new products that I was more excited to review. But, I've finally got some pictures going, and a swatch. I've played around with the colours, so I can put this review up.

January 23, 2015

January 2015 - Ipsy Glambag! [Review]

The theme for January 2015 is "Fresh Start." When I saw the sneak peeks, I wasn't exactly excited for anything in particular. I was planning on cancelling after this bag, but I really loved February last year, so I'm going to give them just a little longer.

Mission: Gotta Use These Up!

After going through all of my makeup these past few weeks, I condensed almost all of my single shadows into a Z-Palette and discarded old makeup that I didn't like, or didn't want to try because it was just so old. I put some items aside, just to use them up. Some have hit pan, some haven't, but I want to use them up instead of throwing them away!

Here is my next mission - gotta use these all up!

January 21, 2015

Precision Sponges [Review]

In the past I've tried using sponges (those cheap ones you can get a whole bag for like $2) some brushes, and most of the time I would just use my fingers.

After watching many videos online, I noticed the people who had the most airbrushed looking foundations, were the ones that would blend their foundation out with a beauty blender, or a precision sponge.

I decided I would purchase one to try it out to see how I would like it. I ended up purchasing two.  The Sephora precision sponge, and a cheap beauty blender wannabe that was on amazon for less than $3, including shipping. I didn't want to spend a lot on either one in case I didn't like them, and I definitely didn't want to spend $20+ for the actual beauty blender. So here we go. My thoughts on the two that I purchased.

January 16, 2015

Sephora Haul

Well, this little haul was unexpected. I'm just going to show what I recently picked up, and I will do full reviews on everything once I get the chance to try everything out!

Urban Decay - Naked 2 Palette
These colours are so beautiful! I can't wait to try them all!

Sephora - Precision Sponge
I haven't tried one of these "precision sponges" and I've been curious. I'm not willing to spend the $20+ on the Beauty Blender, so I figured I'd try this. It was on sale for 50% off. It does have mixed reviews online, but I'd like to form my own opinion. I also ordered another off of amazon, and it was like $3, so we'll see how the two compare (once the other one gets here.)

Nars - One Year Bolder 2015 Birthday Gift 
I didn't think I qualified for this because my birthday was in December, but I requested it, and they shipped it... so why not. I've never tried Nars anything, so I was excited to see it when it came. In this package is a Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella (darker red) and Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien (the ligher colour). I will do a full review and swatches on this!

Boscia - Luminizing Black Mask
I'm still new to the mask world, and I've never tried a peel off mask before. I redeemed 100 points to try this out.

Skin Care Sample Bag
If you spent over a certain amount (I think $30) you could qualify for a bag full of skin care samples. I'm looking forward to trying most of these samples. I'll include my thoughts in an empties post when I slowly get through them all! I also got the three free sampls, and I think I threw them in with this.

*I purchased this with my own money. All opinions are of my own*

January 15, 2015

Z Palette!

If you don't know what a Z Palette is, I'll quickly fill you in. Basically its a case that holds all of your single eyeshadows. What you do is depot your shadows (take them out from their case) and then they will stick to the magnetic bottom of the Z Palette. Some eye shadows already are magnetic, and some are not. Those that are not will need magnets to stick. Simple enough!

I didn't think I ever wanted or needed one of these. I like the idea of having all my shadows in one palette, but it seemed as if it would be too much work. This was until I decided to clean up some makeup (when I got that train case) and realized - WOW! I have way too many single shadows. Some of them I bought, a lot of them were from gift with purchases. Anyway, I decided I needed a Z Palette.

January 12, 2015

Walmart Haul!

So with December, my birthday and Christmas came and went. Luckily I managed to get some cash as gifts, so I went a little crazy purchasing things for myself, it felt like forever haha. Anyway, one of my splurges was on Walmart's website, where I picked up a few things.

January 7, 2015

Ipsy - January 2015 - Sneak Peeks!

It's a new year, and a new month, which means, Ipsy sneak peeks!

The theme for the month is "Fresh Start" - I'm anticipating a lot of skin care products, like last January.

We were given early access again (I love that they are doing this now!) so my glam room will be posted at the end of this post.

Mario Badescu Order!

So if you follow my blog (thank you to those that do!) and read some posts, you would have seen in previous posts about my Mario Badescu samples review.

If you remember, I ended up really liking the Bee Pollen Night Cream. I ended up placing an order a few weeks ago for the night cream, and the drying lotion, because I have heard nothing but great things about it. The total came out to be a little more than I wanted to spend on two items, but since they both have been working for me, I can be happy that I didn't waste my money.

January 2, 2015

Secret Outlast Clear Gel - [Review]


I usually wouldn't make a blog post about something like deodorant, but I needed to do a blog post to send over to BzzAgent as one of my activities.

If you haven't heard of BzzAgent, it's sort of like a website like Influenster (but a lot less work!)  they send you mostly full size products (FOR FREE!) to sample, and you provide your review to them. You also share your thoughts with friends and family to pass information along about these products you have been sent. In the past I have received Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner, Pantene Pro V shampoo and conditioner and BB hair cream. I've also received Nice n Easy hair dye, and now Secret Outlast Clear Gel deodorant.