December 18, 2014

Book Review: Jeff Gunhus - Killer Within [Review]

If you're looking for an interesting, easy to read, suspenseful novel, then this is the book for you.

This story follows two main characters, Arnie Milhouse and Allison McNeil.

From the beginning of the book, we are shown what type of person Arnie is. The struggles he had with his ex-wife. Protecting himself and his sons lives. Until one day he is in the wrong place at the wrong time. He finds himself in the middle of a store robbery. He immediately thinks of his son, and he snaps. He murders the robber, and another victim. From that point forward we learn about his past, and what he's done to survive. And the sick things he continues to do throughout the years.

Allison McNeil, a FBI agent, shows up in town, on a mission. She does whatever it takes to complete her mission of catching Arnie. Making sure she does her own research, leading up to many dramatic scenes.
The story is well written, and constantly leaves you wanting to know what happens next. Each chapter gets more and more interesting. More and more detailed.

The final few chapters explains why Allison went back to Annapolis, and how her and Arnie connect.
I really enjoyed this thriller. It was unpredictable and I didn't expect the turn of events. I wanted to keep reading and got through many chapters before I had to put it down. There are so many twists and turns, I didn't want to stop reading it, and finding out what will happen next.

I look forward to reading more stories by Jeff Gunhus. This was the perfect thriller. Back stories were provided of the main characters, and each chapter led up to more and more interesting, thrilling chapters.

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