November 19, 2014

November 2014 - Ipsy Glambag!

Well, my Ipsy bag FINALLY arrived today. A week after all of my friends had received theirs. I have even been subscribed longer than them, AND live not even that far from all of them. And somehow, mine was shipped much later. But, at least I got it before the end of the month.

I have officially been with Ipsy now for one full year. I want to do an "Ipsy Fave's" post, but I am unsure if I should do it now, or just wait for December's bag and include that for my full year of favourites. Anyway, he's my November bag!

The theme for November 2014 is Girl Meets Glitter. Some of the products are true to the theme. I love the bag, it's silver with a pink zipper. My only complaint is that mine must have a tear somewhere in it, because I keep finding random silver glitter anywhere I have placed my bag. It's not a big deal, and I absolutely love that Forever 21 teamed with them to create this one!

As you can see from the photo above, thats the specific bag that I got. It seemed to be a pretty popular bag this month on Instagram and on a makeup forum that I frequent every now and then. I had an idea what to expect when it came to certain products, but of course I wanted to try them all out for myself before forming any opinions! Now, onto each product I received.

Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Eye Base in Submissive

This picture makes this eye base look really dark, but it actually isn't too dark in person. It's a little gold but coppery, if that makes sense. I applied it to my wrist only (photo will be attached below) to see the consistency and colour, and it applies very smooth. It can be built up or put on thin. I like this colour, and I do see myself using this on my eyes. I've read online that it creases, but I haven't tried it on my eyes yet to test that for sure. Seeing the sneak peeks, I didn't really want this, but I'm not unhappy that I got it.

Elizabeth Mott You're So FINE Eyeliner in Glitterati

I really wanted this liquid liner when I saw it in the sneak peeks, so I was quite happy to see it in my glam bag. I've been a fan of liquid liners for awhile, and this one happens to have a little bit of glitter in the formula. I tested this on my wrist, and it looks as if you can make a thinner or thicker line with it, which is great. It took a bit of rubbing to wipe it off, so hopefully it has great staying power on my eyes!

*Edit - I ended up wearing this on my eyes today, and within 4 hours it started to flake off one of my eyes. I hadn't even touched my face, so I'm unsure how it flaked on its own. Disappointing because I really liked it!

J.Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint in Red Potion

Well, when I saw this in the sneak peeks, I definitely wanted to give one of the J.Cat Lip Paints a try, DEPENDING on the shade that I was sent. Looking at this in the glam room, and in pictures on Instagram, I was terrified. In peoples pictures it looks DARK. I could never imagine putting this on myself. When I got my bag, this was the first thing I had to try.

I made sure to only use very little on a brush, because I didn't want to stain my fingers. A little really goes a long way. The colour is a little too red/dark for me, but it is fun. I did a swatch on my wrist (picture below) to show what it looks like against my PALE skin. The formula was a little on the watery side, and I'm not sure how much I will actually wear this. But I will give it a couple more tries before I completely decide if I hate it or not. It also stains your lips, so be prepared to wear it for a few hours!

Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Volume Hairspray

To be honest, I don't really use hair spray. This will probably just end up in my makeup cupboard stash and will be used eventually. I did spray it to see what the scent was like, and it was light. From this specific sneak peek I think I wanted an exfoliant or perfume. Can't win them all ;)

Finally we have

Temptu S/B Highlighter in Pink Pearl

Again, I don't use highlighter. When I tried this on my wrist it didn't really show up. Ipsy states that the highlighter can be used for 3 different applications:

STEP ONE: Place a couple drops on your fingertips.
STEP TWO: Lightly dab onto the apples of the cheeks to highlight the cheekbone area.
STEP THREE: Blend upward, toward the temples, for a glowing look.

STEP ONE: Place a drop in-between your eyebrows.
STEP TWO: Sweep up toward the hairline blending outward from the central point.
STEP THREE: Apply down the bridge of the nose a light-reflecting contour to define and sculpt.

STEP ONE: Add three drops to a pump of body lotion.
STEP TWO: Rub between your hands to blend together.
STEP THREE: Apply where you normally would, paying special attention to your best assets.

I think I will eventually try mixing it into my foundation (when I do wear it) or just putting it in the corners of my eyes if it actually works. I originally really wanted the Glam Glow or Tarte oil from this sneak peek, but again you can't win them all, haha.

With Flash
Without Flash
Here is that picture of my wrist with the swatches!

Bonus item: I actually redeemed some points this month because they had a few lower point items. I got this Noyah Lip Balm in Vanilla.

It's not too thick in consistency, and applies very smooth. The vanilla scent is very light, much lighter than I was expecting, but its nice. It's nothing special, just lip balm.

If you'd like to join me on ipsy and subscribe to your own glam bag, check it out here:

You get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10 ($15 Canadian) each month! :)

*I purchased this subscription with my own money. All opinions are of my own*
*Post contains referral links*

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