June 5, 2014

Ipsy - June 2014 - Sneak Peeks!

So this month, the theme is "pretty in paradise" .. and it looks like it could be a pretty awesome bag! Depending on what you actually get, of course.

There are a few items I would love, some I really hope they don't send to me, but there is definitely something for everyone this month. And they are really going with a whole look, instead of the main focus being makeup or skincare only.

Another awesome thing is that its only June 5th, and shipping has begun! :) I think I'm going to try my best not to look in my glamroom!

Anyway, here are June's sneak peeks!

The first item we were shown are NYX Butter Glosses. These have a fairly good reputation online, so I can't wait to try the one I get. They are all nice colours, but I'm hoping I am not sent a nude colour. If the colour is what is actually shown, then I would be happy with any of them!

The second sneak peek seems to be filled with eyeliners! The far left (silver tube) is Jesse's Girl liquid liner. The next two are made by Nicka K and they are both coloured shimmer liners. Last but not least, the last liner is brown and made by Ofra.

Out of all of these, I want to try the liquid liner. I don't have one already, so it would be fun to experiment with. If the shimmer liner was in a purple, or black colour I would really like to try them, but green and blue wouldn't work with my eye colour.

Next sneak peek has multiple skin care products.

From left to right we have to go wipes, be a bombshell mascara, a la niege product, cleansers, eyebrow pencil, body spray, a "dd" cream. So many items.

In this bunch we are going to get 2 items. I really want the wipes and the skinn mask/cleanser. I have enough mascaras, definitely don't want an eyebrow pencil. Those 2 are the only ones to really stand out for me.

The last sneak peek is hair care! This includes a dry oil, styling cream and a beach spray. We will only get one in our bag, so my fingers are super super crossed for the beach spray. I have never tried one and hear nothing but good things. An oil would be okay but I have many oils already, and I have no need for a styling cream.

The bag hasn't been shown yet, so I could update again then.

Glam rooms are going live on June 10th!

Oh yeah, I should add that I'm writing this from my phone browser instead of the app (it would not let me add multiple photos) so if there are any spelling errors, or jumbled words, then I apologize now!

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*I purchased this subscription with my own money. All opinions are of my own*
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