April 3, 2014

Ipsy - April 2014 Sneak Peeks!

Every month Ipsy will post sneak peeks of what we could receive in our glam bag! This month these are some of the items that are available!

I think April 2014 will be another 4 product bag. Can't wait to see what the bag looks like, and what I will get inside. The theme seems to be "rockstar!"

Read more to see each sneak peek in detail!

Sneak Peek #1

This looks like it will be Urban Decay's 24/7 Velvet Glide On Eye Pencil. The full size retails for $20.00

Everyone will receive one of these in their bags. I'm excited for this one. I'm hoping its better than the Chella liner I got in last months bag.

Sneak Peek #2

We were told we would receive ONE of the above items pictured. These seem to all be lip products. It looks like there is a gloss, a liner and possibly a tint/balm?

From left to right... Cailyn Cosmetics Tinted Lip Balm which full size retails for $19.00 each. It even comes with a little brush. It looks like Ipsy will send it in either Fiesta, or Acid Pink.

The next item is Mary Kay At Play Jelly Lip Gloss. The full size retails for $10.00 and it looks like the colour will be "berry me."

Lastly, the liner in the middle is Starlooks, Ipsy featured Longwear Lip Pencil which only comes in one colour, and retails for $14.00.

I'm hoping I get either the Cailyn lip balm in Fiesta, or the Mary Kay lip gloss. I wouldn't use the liner, and the bright pink probably wouldn't suit my skin tone so I would never wear it.

Sneak Peek #3

We were told again that we would receive ONE of the products in the picture above.

The product on the left is City Color Cosmetics - White Gold Shadow and Highlight Mousse which retails for $3.99. It can be used on the eyes, or cheeks.

The product in the back is Rainbow Honey Cosmetics Nail Polish which comes in the colour Midnight Fountain and is a glitter. This full size version retails for $10.00

The last product from sneak peek 3, is Elizabeth Mott - Pop! Goes the shadow - in Champagne. The full size version retails for $12.99.

From this sneak peek, I'm hoping to get either one of the shadows, preferably the mousse because I already have plenty of "champagne" colours, but I would be happy with either one.

Sneak Peek #4

So there was another sneak peek added today! We will be receiving ONE of the products shown.

 Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant. This seems to have good reviews. A 2oz size sells for $78.00. Crazy! (On Sephora Canada, the same size is $90.00 - this better be some good stuff!)

St. Tropez - Gradual Tan Plus Firming 4 in 1 Lotion. So this is a self tanner, which I will never use. The full size retails for $40.00.

 Cover FX - Mattifying Primer with Anti-Acne Treatment. This is a gel primer, that keeps your skin matte looking. The full size retails for $38.00.

Benefit Lollitint. I've heard nothing but great things about this product. It's a "stain" for your lips and cheeks, in a light pink tone. The deluxe sample retails for $8.00.

Out of this sneak peek, I hope I get anything except the self tanner. I wouldn't use it. Anything else I'd be happy to get!

This bag is really looking great! It's a big step up from previous months. It seems as if they want to make up for the horrible Pop Beauty lip gloss issue.

So it turns out that April will be a 5 product month! I was suprised when I saw the sneak peek posted today because I expected it to be a peek of the bag itself! I'm not too thrilled with any of these shown, but the first 4 sneak peeks have been pretty awesome.

Sneak Peek #5

So we will be receiving ONE of the above products in our April glam bag.

Big Sexy Hair - Root Pump Spray Mousse. The website says that "this mousse helps you create big volume by pumping up hair at the root. It dispenses out as a spray and turns into a mousse to give tresses tons of volume. Apply to damp hair at the root to achieve phenomenal lift or to dry hair to activate textural volume. Resists humidity and provides lift, fullness and medium hold. Great for fine/medium hair types."

I don't use mousse in my hair, so if I were to get this I would probably give it to someone that would. The mini size that we will receive retails for $10.00.

Kiss - Looks So Natural lashes. I don't wear false lashes. I've received them once in another glambag, tried them, decided I would never wear them. So I don't think I will even bother trying these out. Anyone want some false lashes?
These retail for $3.99. We haven't been told which style we will receive them in.

St. Tropez - Gradual Tan plus Anti-Aging Multi-Action Face. Another self tanning product. I would hope that those that get the body tanner, would get the face tanner as well. I'm REALLY HOPING I'm NOT one of these people. The full size retails for $44.00 (on Sephora).

The bottom left picture can either be a liquid eyeliner, or mascara. The logo is so hard to decipher, and no one online has been able to figure out what exact product it is. So, I don't have a guess. I've been researching and can't find anything!

Demeter - Fragrance Library - in Jasmine. I've seen this brand in other ipsy glambags, but I've never received it. I'm not a floral person when it comes to scents, so I don't really care to receive this. The roller ball (that we would probably be sent) retails for $10.00.

The last item pictured is a Coastal Scents make up brush. We are unsure of what exact brush they are sending until they update our glam rooms.

From this last sneak peek, I guess I would have to say if I were to receive anything, I hope it would be the brush, or I guess the liner/mascara that no one can figure out what it is! I definitely do not, do not (can't stress this enough) the tanners or the lashes. So fingers crossed I get something good this month!

Ipsy will be showing us the bag tomorrow in one last sneak peek, and our glam rooms will go live on Wednesday, April 9th. Sometimes our bags are being sent out before then, so I'm hoping I will get a tracking notice today or tomorrow!

Sneak Peek #6

So this is the bag they will be sending this month. Love the colour, but don't love the record or "beauty rocks!" on the front. Ah well. Just another to add to the collection!

I just received an e-mail saying that my bag has shipped, woohoo! :) it should probably get here by next week!

If you'd like to join me on ipsy and subscribe to your own glam bag, check it out here:

You get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10 ($15 Canadian) each month! :)

*I purchased this subscription with my own money. All opinions are of my own*
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