March 19, 2014

January 2014 - Ipsy Glambag! [Review]

New Year, New You! Ipsy sent us glam bags that let us start a new year, with new, fresh skin! This month focused on skincare and hair, more than the usual cosmetics. It was a great change, and I actually found a new moisturizer that I love, and have been using for a few months (you will see below!)

The theme of January's bag was called "19 Reasons." Ipsy wanted us to upload pictures of our bags with the stock card with things we were looking to accomplish during the year 2014. I wasn't a fan of the actual bag itself, and to be honest it smelled really bad when I first received it. They seemed to have gotten a lot of complaints too about it on their Facebook page, so I know I wasn't the only one. The smell seems to be gone now, but I think I will donate the (empty) bag anyway because I won't use it.
1. Elizabeth Mott - Smooth Shadow - in Penny

Elizabeth Mott - Smooth Shadow - Ipsy Glam Room

Elizabeth Mott - Smooth Shadow - Ipsy Glam Room

The ultimate gel pencil that’s smooth like butter and packed with deliciously creamy colors. These velvety pencils glide on with ease, and contain just enough shimmer. They’re also waterproof and perfect to wear all day and night, a must have for all color lovers! Use a cosmetics sharpener for best results.

ipsy subscribers who receive this product will receive Penny or Pearl.
Size: 0.7 g

It says it can be used as a highlighter, top lid eyeliner, as well as on your waterline and for blending. I've only tried it as a top lid liner, and it goes on smooth. I've used it a few times, but I usually stick to black liner so it was a little weird for me. The colour is nice, but its not something I would use all of the time. The colour payoff is good, and it doesn't run or cause raccoon eyes. The sample we received was half of the size of the full pencil. The full size retails for $14.99!

2. Nourish Organic - Lightweight Moisturizing Face Lotion

Nourish Organic - Lightweight Moisturizing Face Lotion - Ipsy Glam Room
Nourish Organic's Lightweight Moisturizing Face Lotion provides continuous moisture throughout the day while replenishing essential skin nutrients. The advanced, non-greasy formula is also rich in vitamins and antioxidants to boost skin's defenses and leave skin healthier and younger-looking every day. 100% Natural. USDA-Certified Organic. Fragrance-Free. Alcohol-Free. Ultra gentle for sensitive skin.

Size: 0.5oz

I knew as soon as I saw this sample in the sneak peak, I was not going to enjoy this product if I got it in my bag. Face lotion is hard for me to buy because I have such sensitive, dry, skin. The thinner lotions don't seem to help my dry skin, and some of the creams just aren't thick enough. Seeing as how this was a lotion, I knew it would be of thinner consistency. When it got here, I had to try it. The lotion itself smelled weird. Scented products I also try and stay away from, especially when applying to my face. The consistency was thin, and it didn't do anything for my dry skin. Once it dried it seemed sticky. I used it a few times on my hands, and it did help with that. But I wouldn't recommend or purchase this product. We received this in a sample size, which was less than half of the full size product. The full size product retails for $21.99!

3. LeeAnni Eco - 3 in 1 Revolotion

LeeAnni Eco - 3 in 1 RevoLotion - Ipsy Glam Room
With this 3 in 1 Revolotion, it's a toner, serum, and lotion in one bottle! Helps moisturize, even out skin tone by reducing scarring and promoting skin regeneration. Gluten free.

Size: 0.35 oz

Myself, and other ipsy members, were very wary of this product. There are no details of the ingredients on the packaging, it looked cheap, and nobody had heard of the product before. I decided to give it a chance anyway because my skin has been SO dry this winter. The sample itself was small, and mine was only about half way full. My sample had no scent to it, but others were complaining that theirs smelled bad. 

I have to say I was very shocked and surprised at how well this product worked. Immediately my skin felt relieved, and no longer dry and tight. I found the website for LeeAnni Eco products, and saw that everything was handmade from natural ingredients. Reading this made me happy because I knew it had to be good for your skin. My skin felt, and looked better over the time I used the sample. I wished it was bigger! We received this in a small sample size, the full size retails for $29.95!

LeeAnni Eco - 3 in 1 RevoLotion - Full Size

Every month ipsy and their partners have giveaways, and I actually entered and WON a full size bottle of the 3 in 1 RevoLotion. I was so happy to hear I was one of the winners. I've been using this every day now since I got it in the mail, and I'm just as happy with this product as when I first tried it. I know now I can repurchase this in the future, and not worry about spending an arm and a leg like I was doing with other department store brands.

4. MicaBeauty - Tinted Lip Balm - in Natural

MicaBeauty - Tinted Lip Balm - Ipsy Glam Room
MicaBeauty's 24 hour Tinted Lip Balm conditions your lips without smudge while delivering sophisticated finish. For a sheer wash of color, one swipe is all you need. For a bolder pout, simply apply another swipe and this lip balm will create lips every woman covets. Kiss-proof and smudge-proof! 

ipsy subscribers who receive this product will receive Fiesta or Natural.

Size: 2.5 g 

Seeing both of the colours that were available, I really wanted Fiesta, because it was a pink colour. I don't really use "natural" colours on my lips because it just looks odd with my pale skin. I was a little sad to see that I did receive the natural colour in my bag, because it looked brown. The first time I applied it, I was not impressed. It's not really a lip balm, its more of a lip stain... or lipstick in jar form. I must have applied too much because it did look brown, and just didn't look right on my lips. I was so disappointed. And adding to that disappointment, was that it was not moisturizing at all. It made my lips look dry. I ended up just putting it in my makeup bag and not touching it for awhile.

Recently I decided to try this product again, and I have to say it has grown on me. If I apply a chapstick first, it keeps my lips hydrated and smooth. The lip balm doesn't look as dry applied this way. Also, applying it very lightly makes it look more like my natural lip, and has a bit of a pink undertone. The only downfall I see now is that it cannot really be used on its own, and it stains your finger if that's what you use to put it on. The sample we received was a little more than half of the full size product. The full size product retails for $30.00!

5. Healthy Sexy Hair - Soy Tri-Wheat Leave in Conditioner

Healthy Sexy Hair - Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner - Ipsy Glam Room

The Sexy Hair Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner is a powerful combination of Soy and Cocoa work synergistically to perfectly care for your hair! A conditioner that is both a nourishing moisturizer and mild protein reconstructor and safe to use on color-treated hair. This truly amazing conditioner reconstructs, moisturizes and combats environmental stress on all types of hair. 

Size: 50 mL

I have seen this brand numerous times, and have heard very good things about it. I've never given it a try so I really wanted this in my bag. I love this product! It smells amazing, a few spritz goes a long way, and it works! It detangles the hair, while making it so easy to brush through. It makes my ends look smoother, and its just overall a great product! I think I may purchase this (if I can find it) once my sample runs out!

Looking at Healthy Sexy Hair's website, they sell the leave in conditioner in two sizes. We receive the mini version as the sample size, and it retails for $5.00! The full size is 250mL, and retails for $17.00!

If you'd like to join me on ipsy and subscribe to your own glam bag, check it out here:

You get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10 ($15 Canadian) each month! :)

*I purchased this subscription with my own money. All opinions are of my own*
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