March 19, 2014

December 2013 - Ipsy Glambag! [Review]

After reviewing my November ipsy glam bag, I couldn't wait to see what would be coming for my December bag. I hoped it would live up to great first bag I received!

The theme for December's bag was "Celebration"

Everyone was sent a textured, black bag. It's simple, yet different. This could be used to carry makeup, or even as a clutch for an evening. What made it even better was that I received my bag the day before my birthday! A nice little gift to myself, from myself (and ipsy!)


For December, we were sent 5 samples.

1. Mirabella - Eye Blender Brush

Mirabella Eye Blender Brush - Ipsy Glam Room
The Mirabella Eye Blender Brush fuses eyeshadow to create a naturally sculpted eye. Tapered domed shape provides flawless and easy application. Hand-sculpted brush is made with the finest quality materials and features exclusive brushed aluminum ferrule and handle. 

At first I decided in my mind that I didn't need another eyeshadow brush, that I have plenty enough at home. However, after trying this brush, I'm glad I received it in my bag. It has a good weight to the brush to itself. The bristles are very soft, and blends the shadow very well. We received these in a full size sample, which retails for $27.00!

2. Be a Bombshell - The One Stick - in Flustered

Be a Bombshell - The One Stick - Ipsy Glam Room
An all-in-one multiple stick with a smooth texture. Apply to eyelids, cheeks or lips for the perfect pop of color anywhere!

ipsy subscribers who receive this product will receive Flustered, Girl Crush, or Sunset. 
Size: 2.5 g

I was a little sceptical of an "all-in-one" product, because my skin is sensitive and some colours just don't work well with my skin tone, and eye colour. I hoped to get the lightest colour (girl crush) which was a light pink, but I ended up with an orange/red colour which I didn't like. I tried it anyway. The colour just doesn't work for me. Its not right as a blush, lip colour or eye shadow. The formula was also really thick, and it kind of smelled like a crayon. Not sure how good that would be on the skin. We received this as a full size sample, which retails for $16.00!

3. Pop Beauty - Bright Up Your Life Eyeshadow Trio - in Naturally Bare

Pop Beauty - Bright Up Your Life Eyeshadow Trio - Ipsy Glam Room
This palette of hues adds definition & intensity to lids, creating a broad range of looks that complements all eye colours. From brightening bare to sultry smoke, these hues blend smoothly onto the lid, adding a veil of silky luster that will outlive the day or night!

ipsy subscribers who receive this product will receive Naturally Bare or Smokin Hot. 

Size: 0.15 oz

For this trio, I really didn't mind which colour I would receive. I usually stick to natural eyeshadow colours, but wouldn't mind white/black palette to try out a smokey eye look. I received this in naturally bare and was quite happy. All three colours work well together or on their own. They also have a shimmer, which I like as well. I use this on a regular basis. The colour payoff is great! The only downside I would say is the packaging. It is cute, but I find the case is difficult to open. We received this as a trio sample, and the full size is sold as a palette with 10 colours, which retails for $24.00!

4. Nicka K New York - Nail Color - in Classic Taupe

Nicka K New York - Nail Color - Ipsy Glam Room
The Nicka K New York is specially designed to glide across fingernails with minimal effort for vibrancy that is dazzling and long lasting. Formula is free of DBP, Toublene, and formaldehyde.

ipsy subscribers who receive this product will receive Classic Taupe or Ripe Apple.

Size: 0.15 lbs 

When I saw my glam room, I was really hoping to get this in the Ripe Apple colour. I don't have any red nail polishes, and seeing others post their bags on instagram, I loved it. However, I received the Classic Taupe colour. I was sceptical at first because it comes out more like a chocolate brown colour. I thought it would look awful with my pale skin, so I was hesitant to try it. I applied a thin coat at first and thought it was fine. After a day I decided to apply another coat and I was impressed. It goes on very smooth and is comfortable to hold as you apply the polish. I would definitely purchase this in the future. We received this as a full size product, which retails for $4.99! (A very affordable price for a great quality product!)

5. NYX - Extra Creamy Round Lipstick - in Hermes

NYX - Extra Creamy Round Lipstick - Ipsy Glam Room
A classic lipstick for all occasions that has a mineral-based emollient formula, beautiful velvet texture, saturated color, and resists wear and smudging.

ipsy subscribers who receive this product will receive B52, Sky Pink, Ceto, Iced Honey, Cream, Celene, Iris Sunflower, Goddess, Fusion, Hermes, Mute, Miracle, Hades, Muse, Rose, Hebe, Fortune Cookie, or Apollo.

Size: 0.14 oz 

I have heard so much about NYX products, ranging from eyeshadow to lipsticks, and more. So I was super excited to see I would receive a NYX lipstick in this glam bag! I was hoping for a pink/coral coloured lipstick, what I got was a brown (called hermes). I was not impressed with this colour just looking at it. It's not a natural looking colour. I tried it anyways because I wanted to see how the formulation was, and if it would work for me. While it goes on smooth, the colour is just not for me. Applying lightly made no difference either. NYX says in it's description that this colour is a gray toned mauve, but I would disagree. Reading the reviews on ipsy's site, there were quite a few people not happy with the colours they got. I hope to see this product again in another bag, but hopefully in a different colour, it is very creamy and the formulation is great. We got this as a full size sample, which retails for $4.00!

I updated my ipsy profile, and reviewed all the products in hopes that I would receive better coloured items for me in the future. So far it has been okay, not perfect, but you can't expect that from a monthly subscription that is catered to many others as well. 

If you'd like to join me on ipsy and subscribe to your own glam bag, check it out here:

You get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10 ($15 Canadian) each month! :)

*I purchased this subscription with my own money. All opinions are of my own*
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