February 25, 2020

Empties - January & February 2020

I apologize, its been awhile since I have been on here. I really wanted to blog more in 2020, and so far its been a fail. I need to motivate myself more! Anyway, let's see my garbage so far for the year! Hopefully it gets my butt in gear to post some more!

I tried to collect a lot this time, which is why I'm doing 2 months in 1 post.

KVD Vegan Beauty - Lock It Hydrating Primer
I find I need a little extra hydration during the winter when I wear makeup, so this primer came in handy for that. I don't usually wear primers, so I can't really compare it to anything else. But it seemed to do the job.

Too Faced - Better Than Sex Mascara
I like this mascara, I love the volume my lashes get. This sample was getting old and clumpy so it was time to toss.

Laura Mercier - Caviar Volume Mascara
I used this maybe twice before it got super thick and clumpy. I wasn't a huge fan of the wand so I won't be seeking this out again.

Colourpop Super Shock Shadows in Puppy Love and 3
These both have dried out and no colour transfers. It was just time to toss. I think you will be seeing more of these in my empties since they started my makeup collection, I don't reach for any and they are getting old.

Sephora Collection - Brush Tip Liquid Liner
I wanted to like this brush tip liner since they are hard to find.. but meh. This one bled on my eyes and dried out super fast. I prefer others.

Smashbox - Photo Finish Foundation Primer in Green
This was nice to even out the redness on my nose and cheek area, and also filled in somr pores. I've repurchased but I honestly haven't touched it yet. I should probably get to it.

Equate - Regular Cotton Rounds
I love these cotton rounds. They are so good for removing makeup, removing nail polish and applying toners. I will always have them on hand. So affordable.

Tatcha - The Dewy Skin Cream
Ugh. I really wanted to love this cream but it did absolutely nothing for my skin. It always just sat on top of my skin and never absorbed. And forget about foundation on top. Super pilling.

Britney Spears - Curious Perfume
I have had this perfume since it released. Which really ages me, and how old it actually is. I didn't want to toss is, just based on nostalgia. But it now smells like alcohol so there is no point in keeping it. I did end up repurchasing just a small bottle because I didn't want to be without it in my collection lol.

KVD Vegan Beauty- Saint Perfume (Deluxe Sample)
I actually really enjoyed this perfume. Its light and not very floral. I ended up purchasing a bottle because its on clearance at sephora for a decent price. I've worn it almost every day since I got it.

Palmers - Coconut Oil Formula Body Butter
If you are looking for a thick, rich, luxurious, body butter.. look no further. This is so hydrating and lasts so long on the skin.

DevaCurl - Daily Cream Conditioner
I used to use this with the no poo shampoo, but I don't really like either of them. This isn't hydrating enough and I just don't reach for it. Theres still about 1/3 left but I don't like it enough to finish it, so it's being tossed.

Revlon Professional - Uniq One (all in one) Hair Treatment in Coconut
I really like this hair treatment and I'm sure I have posted about it before. It helps with detangling, split ends, and so much more. I spray it in my hair before blow drying or letting it air dry.

Briogeo - Scalp Revival - Charcoal and Coconut Oil Micro-Exfolating Shampoo
I like how clean and fresh this makes my scalp feel. It has a slight tingle/coolness, which makes me believe peppermint is in it. It's really micro exfoliating. I want to repurchase this but I have another scalp scrub to try before I decide to.

AG Hair Care - Sterling Silver Toning Shampoo
I think I got this from Chatters as a gift with purchase, after spending a certain amount on their website. I didn't find this to be pigmented enough to tone my hair. It very quickly lathered into an almost white bubble. Other toning shampoos I have used, stay purple once they lather. I won't be repurchasing this.

Bath and Body Works - Foaming Hand Soap - Fresh Strawberry Tart, Afternoon Apple Picking, The Perfect Autumn

As you all know by now, I love these foaming hand soaps and they will be in every empties post. All of these scents were great. Very perfect for the fall season. I'd repurchase all 3 of these events again. Actually,  I'm pretty sure these are repeats!

Scentsy - Wax Bars
Candy Crave, Buckleberry, Ambrosia, Happy Birthday, Coastal Strawberry, Rainbows & Butterflies

These are all pretty much fruity scents, with the exception of Happy Birthday that smells like vanilla cake frosting. If I could only choose 2 to purchase again, it would be Buckleberry (a deep berry scent with a vanilla undertone) and Ambrosia (a fruit punch kind of scent)

Bath and Body Works - 3 Wick Candles in Pumpkin Apple, Tis The Season and Champagne Toast

If theres another product you see repeatedly on here, its these candles. They also fall into fall/winter scents. Pumpkin apple was more on the apple side of the two, but the throw was weak. I absolutely love tis the season. Champagne toast is nice too, but if I could only pick one of these scents again, it would be tis the season.

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