January 6, 2018

Empties - December 2017

Another month has come and gone, and it's already the end of December. The end of 2017! This year feels like it went by so quickly. And we're already entering 2018. I'm hoping this year I can blog more, because when I started my new job I began to slack off a little, and I hate that I feel like I'm neglecting this! Anyway, let's round up the trash for one last empties, of 2017!

Indulgently Pampered Skin Starts With Palmer's Coconut Oil!

We're now smack dab in the middle of winter, and my dry skin is crying out for more moisture and hydration. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who is having this issue! As soon as I get out of the shower, I make sure to apply a body lotion or body butter. I sometimes even use an oil in place of those, depending on my mood. When I was contacted to try out three new body products from Palmer's, I knew I had to give them a try.