July 26, 2017

Dior Rouge - The New Lipstick - Swatches

I received this as one of my free samples from Sephora back in December. I had a whole post typed out, and then something happened and I lost it all. Like, the post deleted itself. I was mad, and I just never typed it all up again (it was so long) - but I received this when I managed to get my Nars blush for hitting VIB Rouge, and I picked the Fresh duo for my birthday gift. It took all my might not to break into the packaging the same day and try it out! So here we finally are. Trying out the Dior Rouge - The New Lipstick matte lipstick samples!

Get 16 hours of comfort and elegant lip color—without streaking or drying out lips—with Rouge Dior Lipstick. This lasting lipstick features a myriad of colors in iconic reds, vibrant corals, alluring pinks, romantic rosewoods, and bold, unexpected mattes. It’s enriched with hydrating mango butter and aroelat samphira for its revitalizing action and hyaluronic acid spheres for their filling properties, while Decox creates a volumizing effect.

As you can see, this sample included four matte lipstick shades. We received 772 Classic Matte, 136 Delicate Matte, 999 Matte, and 787 Exuberant Matte.

The sample also came with a lip brush - however when I tried to use it, it was very hard. I ended up using an ELF Lip Brush for these swatches because it was softer and much easier to use.

There aren't any descriptions of the shades on either Sephora's website, or on the Dior website, so I will describe them as best as I can! I did end up finding them on but I don't know if they are official descriptions.
First up, 772 Classic Matte - This is pretty much a "your lips but better" type of shade. It's a rosy shade, with a mauvey/brown-ish undertone. If that makes any sense. It's a good every day, any type of occassion lipstick. I liked this one, and I'm glad it didn't pull too brown on me.

136 Delicate Matte - I'm assuming this is a peachy-nude toned lipstick. That does not work for my skintone at all. I think it pulls a little to yellow/orange for me... but it could be pretty on the right person! This was awful to apply though. It was very patchy and just didn't apply evenly at all. My least favourite of the four.

787 Exuberant Matte - this is a brighter, magenta type of pink. It looks really bold and bright in the packaging, but it wasn't that bright on my skin. I actually really liked this one. It was creamy, easily to apply, and didn't look patchy at all. This was probably my favourite colour out of the four.

999 Matte - This is the classic 999 Dior red shade, just in a matte formula. I wasn't a fan of this shade just because it pulled so orange on me. I'm not a big red lipstick wearer in general though.

I'm glad they sent these out as samples, because I would have never tried this lipstick at all. The regular price on this is $43 Canadian dollars (ouch!) but is available in 54 shades!

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