August 27, 2016

Tarte x Grav3yard Girl - Swamp Queen Eye & Cheek Palette

If you ever watch YouTube (which I'm sure some of you do!) then I'm sure you have come across Bunny aka Grav3yard Girl at some point. She's known online for her "Does This Thing Really Work" videos in which she tries out many as seen on TV products, and puts them to the test. She also does a lot of "Pintertest" videos as well, where she takes Pinterest posts, and creates them herself, such as the rainbow highlighter. Tarte and Bunny announced that they were doing a collaboration. This included the Eye & Cheek Palette, and two Tarteist Lip Paints in Swamp Queen (red) and Texas Toast (nude).

The collection was released early on Tarte's website first. There was a very limited quantity that was released for this, and a lot of people were left upset because they didn't get a chance to grab anything. There was another early release through Ulta, but since they don't ship worldwide, or even to Canada, a lot of people were upset with that release too. Eventually the collection became available on Sephora, and I placed my order on June 21st. My package arrived June 23rd. Awesome job Sephora! I ordered the Swamp Queen Eye & Cheek Palette, and one of the Tarteist Lip Paints in Texas Toast. I would have ordered Swamp Queen too but it was sold out already. It did eventually come back that day, but I decided I didn't really need it. As I write this post (August 7) the whole collection is currently sold out on Sephora's website, but they should have them in stores.

This is a picture of the packing itself. As you can see, both the lip paint and the palette have a "wood grain" look to it, which fits with the swamp queen theme. The palette also looks like the outside box. We're going to look at the Tarteist Lip Paint first.

Tarteist Lip Paint - in Texas Toast
Paint on pigment to create a tarteist™ lip masterpiece with this full coverage, longwearing liquid lipstick with a lightweight, moussey texture and a non-drying, matte finish.

The ultra-pigmented, vegan friendly formula comes in an array of on-trend bold and everyday shades with a custom precision wand that luxuriously glides over lips before drying down to a sophisticated, velvet matte finish.  

So this is a liquid liquid, which looks almost whipped when you look at the formula. It has a strong mint scent, which I don't mind at all in a lip product. In photos, the lip paint looks more of a mauve/purple, gray-ish nude. Even in Bunny's videos and pictures, it looks more purple. However, when it swatches in looks brown. 

I've also tried applying it on my lips, and it is very pigmented. The formula is very creamy, and dries matte as soon as it touches your lips. I've taken two photos of my face while wearing it, and you will see it pulls very brown on my lips. One photo is in sunlight, and another taken just infront of a desk lamp.

The photo on the left is taken in front of a window in direct sunlight, and the photo on the right was taken infront of my desk lamp. I feel it pulls really brown on me in person, but these photos don't make it seem so bad! lol.

Over all, I really enjoy how the lip paint feels. It goes on creamy and smooth, and doesn't make my lips feel super dry. I do wish the colour was a little more purple as it shows online and in Bunny's videos, as it is more of a brown-gray to me in person.

Tarte x Grav3yard Girl - Swamp Queen Eye & Cheek Palette
Since we know this is a palette for both eyes and cheeks.. we get 9 eye shadows, 1 bronzer, 1 blush and 1 highlighter.. although, you could use all on your eyes if you wanted to, and all of them on your face if you're into that! There's no rules when it comes to your makeup.. do what makes you happy! On the left side (the larger 3 pans) we have the cheek colours. And on the right, 9 smaller pans of eyeshadows. It also comes with one eyeshadow brush, which matches the "wood" exterior of the palette and box.

The palette comes with a huge mirror, which makes it so much easier to apply your makeup.
It is SO hard to get a photo of the writing on this mirror, so don't mind my fingers and (old) phone in there! It says "Believe in Yourself. Love Yourself. Embrace Your Individuality." If you follow grav3yard girl, she always makes it a point that you should love yourself for who you are. I think this was a nice quote to include.

Now the good part...


If you aren't a fan of warm toned palettes, you're NOT going to like this palette at all. I honestly don't really have a preference when it comes to eyeshadow undertones. I mean, I have naked 2 which is cool tones, and now this, and the sweet peach palette which are warm toned. I think if an eyeshadow will look nice, I will wear it. I feel I lean more on the cooler side of skin tones, but when it comes to eyeshadows, I will wear whatever. Also, these are almost all glittery shades. So again, if you don't like glitter in your eyeshadows, or even face products, you're not going to like this.

From left to right we have..

Cheek Side
1. Sweet Tea - Bronzer
2. Does This Thing Really Work? - Blush
3. Gator Wings - Highlighter

Eyeshadow Side
Top Row:
4. #SFS - Rose Gold
5. Natural Peaches - Peachy Nude
6. Dogman - Burnt Sienna

Middle Row:
7. Big Baby - Cream
8. Sassy Bun - Copper Peach
9. Sippy Sippy - Glittery Brown

Bottom Row:
10. Haunting - Lavender
11. Uncommon - Purple Slate
12. Mancat - Deep Plum

Overall, I feel as if most of these colours work really well with one another, especially if you don't want to choose from only one row. I would say the bottom row of the purple shadows, do apply a little patchy. My two favourite shades are #SFS and Sassy Bun. I'm not a huge fan of the size of the pans for the cheek products, just because its hard to get a large brush in there. Like I mentioned above, I find I'm a little more cooler toned, so the bronzer looks a little oompa loompa-ish if I try and use it as a bronzer or contour, but I can use it on my eyes- not a big deal. You have to be light handed with the blush because it's pigmented! I am most disappointed with the highlighter, it is super glittery and fall out city.

If I were to finish this palette and were to be asked if I would repurchase it (in fantasy land because we know it won't be back lol) I would probably pass. The shadows aren't the creamiest, they are more on the chalky side, and I find I could get a similar look out of the sweet peach palette.


  1. I just ordered this palette last week! Surprised to see that it's still up for purchase 6 months later. I hope I don't have the same problems with the highlighter :( Great post

    1. Did you receive your palette? How do you like it!?


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