August 30, 2015

ColourPop Haul

I'm way behind on this post. I actually made my first ColourPop purchase in the beginning of July! Oops! I guess I'm not THAT bad... it's not a full 2 months yet!

Everything is listed as USD, and it ships from the site. I'm not entirely sure why they spell it as "Colour"Pop, because I know in the US it's generally spelled "color" (I'm the Canadian/British type of speller) but everything shipped pretty quickly to me in Canada. As you can see I ordered 3 lippie stix, and one super shock eyeshadow. They had a $5 off coupon for first time shoppers. I technically got one of the lippie stix free with the coupon, but with the dollar conversion and shipping, I didn't really save anything. But any type of coupon is very welcome!

The lippie stix colours I chose were Luminere (matte), Fancy (satin) and Bound (glossy) I didn't choose these shades based on the finishes, they all just happened to be different and I didn't notice until I checked out.

Oh. They totally forgot to write my name in this thank you post card too. 

I also didn't notice that Luminere and Bound were so similar in colour, but that ended up being okay since they were different finishes.

Excuse the poor lighting, bathroom + flash. Those are my swatches. We have (top to bottom) bound, fancy, luminere, and then the super shock shadow in fringe.

Fancy looks really pinkish on my arm, but it comes out more orange on my lips.

Over all, I really liked all of these products. My favourite lippie is luminere. It matches my lips and gives them a more matte look. It's not too drying either. I found fancy to be too orange, and bound was very glossy on my lips and felt uncomfortably thick. I love the shadow, just wish it was a tinge less sparkley.

I would order from ColourPop again. I'd try some more lippie stix and shadows, and possibly try their new lip stain. I would wait though until our dollar is better because conversion rates suck.

*I purchased this with my own money. All opinions are of my own*

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