February 25, 2020

Empties - January & February 2020

I apologize, its been awhile since I have been on here. I really wanted to blog more in 2020, and so far its been a fail. I need to motivate myself more! Anyway, let's see my garbage so far for the year! Hopefully it gets my butt in gear to post some more!

December 16, 2019

Empties - November & December - 2019

I know I didn't post an empties for November. At the time I felt like I hadn't used up enough products to make it interesting.. so I held onto my garbage (lol) and collected it until now. Well, my bag was starting to overflow and realistically, I probably won't finish much else between now and the next 2 weeks of the month. Let's see what I've used!

November 8, 2019

Monthly Favorites - October 2019

Monthly favorites are a great way to share what I have been reaching for throughout the month.

November 3, 2019

Empties - October 2019

Can 2019 slow down just a little?! It's already the end of October/beginning of November and it feels like Winter just ended. It's getting darker earlier and its just sad! The Fall weather is welcomed, all the beautiful colors! But I'm missing the sunshine! Anyway, let's see what I used up in the month of October!